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Awardee Project Reports / August 27, 2015

Project: Enhancing Access to Mental Health Information for Health Professionals in Northeastern Pennsylvania
Awardee: The Commonwealth Medical College, Scranton, PA
Description: Though this outreach award, The Commonwealth Medical College (TCMC) reached healthcare professionals in Northeastern Pennsylvania via regional training sessions; a mental health symposium; and the development of a mental health libguide. Goals accomplished included: improving access to high quality mental health information for health professionals without access to a medical librarian; increased awareness about the resources and services of the National Library of Medicine; and improved access to mental health information.

Project: Integration of the Free Library of Philadelphia as Public Health Preparedness and Response Partner: 2
Awardee: Philadelphia Department of Public Health, Bioterrorism & Public Health Preparedness Program, Philadelphia, PA
Description: This project integrated the Free Library of Philadelphia (FLP) as a Public Health Preparedness and Response Partner of the Philadelphia Department of Public Health (PDPH). Library staff received training in emergency preparedness, infectious diseases, universal precautions, NLM resources, and Dispense Assist (a Web-based system for printing head-of-household forms for emergencies requiring mass medication or vaccination of the public).