Hospital Library Advisory Group (HLAG)

Hospital Library Advisory Group (HLAG)

The Hospital Library Advisory Group (HLAG) consists of members from within the region whose libraries serve a teaching or community hospital. The HLAG advises Region 7 on the status and issues facing hospital libraries. Working with Region 7 staff, the group proposes pilot projects, programs, and other initiatives. The group will inform the development of national webinars directly addressing needs or challenges faced by hospital librarians. HLAG members will meet virtually twice a year or more frequently if requested.


History of the Rochester Study (link is external) (1/2023) for Librarians (link is external) (5/2022)

Ransomware Attacks: What Medical Librarians Need to Know (link is external) (12/2021) 

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Dietary Supplement Label Database: Advanced Search and Data Download(link is external) (09/2018)

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In-Person and Virtual Events

NH/VT Hospital Libraries Focus Group(link is external) (02/2021)

NER Hospital Librarians Summer Session(link is external)  (08/2019)

Going Virtual for NER Hospital Librarians (link is external) (03/2018)


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