Open Access Resources


Open Access Resources


This is a list of journals and resources that are wholly or partially open access or available for use by institutions not currently eligible for DOCLINE®. This list is provided as a courtesy by the Network of the National Library of Medicine’s DOCLINE Coordinating Committee. It is not a complete list of such resources and should be used as a basic reference for those who may be seeking access to open information and articles. 






Elsevier offers a wide range of open access options to fit the diverse needs of institutions and researchers. To get started on Elsevier, simply navigate to its open access website, and search for journals that are marked as Gold open access. Keep in mind that journals with Green open access labels are subscription journals that you need to pay for.


The SAGE open access website promises to deliver studies that adhere to the most rigorous peer-review standards for researchers, students, and the general public. All COVID-19-related studies are free to read and download. The Black Lives Matter movement has also made publications about structural racism and police violence on SAGE available for free. SAGE’s open access journals on the site are marked as Gold.


SpringerOpen is an academic open access journal that invites professionals from all fields of science, technology, the humanities, and the social sciences to submit research papers to raise awareness on different issues in society. If you are not sure about what kinds of sources you are looking for, don't fret. SpringerOpen has a search engine called the Journal Suggester that will recommend suitable scholarly articles.

BioMed Central (BMC)

BMC's online journals have been open access since 1999. Some of BMC’s most well-known publications include BMC Biology and BMC Medicine. So if you’re looking for information related to either of those fields, don’t forget to check out BMC. BMC is also a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics, a UK charity organization that promotes integrity in scholarly research. With its history and affiliations, data obtained from BMC is reputable, so you don’t have to worry about spreading false information.

Royal Society Open Science

The Royal Society Open Science is an open access journal published by the Royal Society in the UK, the world’s oldest and perhaps most renowned independent scientific academy.


Additional Resources




DOAJ is an alternative to Google Scholar, essentially a search engine that allows you to look up over 15,000 open access journals on the internet. Unlike other specialized publications on this list, journals on DOAJ cover all areas, in all disciplines, and in many languages. 


SHARES is a membership-wide program of expedited, cost-saving interlibrary lending that also develops innovative new methods to improve collections sharing. - Open Content

Find open access materials for research and study. Look for open content options that meet the needs of students, researchers, and lifelong learners.


SSRN´s eLibrary provides 1,192,876 research papers from 1,076,801 researchers in more than 65 disciplines.

Article Galaxy

Articles available for a reduced rate.

PubMed User Guide: Finding Full Text

Tips on accessing full text articles from NLM's PubMed User Guide.


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