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This page includes awards made during the current NNLM award period (May 1, 2021 - April 30, 2026).

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Apple of His Eye Inc. Promotion & Enhanced Engagement of Mental Health Education Programming Offered by NAMI Southwest Ohio Apple Of His Eye Inc. Apple of His Eye Inc. will work with NAMI to promote and enhance engagement for a total of 3 community-based workshops (held virtually or face to face) focused on providing individuals and families with relevant mental health literacy tools and education to inform a better quality of life for individuals living with persistent and severe mental health conditions and loved-ones supporting family members living with persistent and severe mental health conditions. The following three workshops may include one or more of the following: Peer to Peer, Family- to-Family, Family &… Ohio
Apple of His Eye Inc. Promotion & Enhanced Engagement of Mental Health Education Programming Offered by NAMI Southwest Ohio - Part II Apple Of His Eye Inc. Apple of His Eye Inc. will work with NAMI to promote and enhance engagement for a total of 3 community-based workshops (held virtually or face to face) focused on providing individuals and families with relevant mental health literacy tools and education to inform a better quality of life for individuals living with persistent and severe mental health conditions and loved-ones supporting family members living with persistent and severe mental health conditions. Further, Apple of His Eye Inc. & NAMI have partnered successfully on past community-based mental health education… Ohio
DIVE-IN (Developing Inclusive Voices & Experiences In Nursing) Program National Association of Hispanic Nurses- CT Chapter The need to successfully address the lack of diversity in our health professions has never been greater, as we learn more about health disparities within our communities of color and discuss ways to improve health equity. Considering racial/ethnic backgrounds (AACN,2019), the RN population is comprised of 80.8% White/Caucasian; and only 6.2% African American; 7.5% Asian; 5.3% Hispanic; 0.4% American Indian/Alaskan Native; 0.5 Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, which is not reflective of our nation’s diversity. While pipeline program in high-schools have been happening for… Connecticut
Promoting Older Adults’ Use of Online Health Information Sources: An intergenerational train-the-trainer approach Bentley University Library One of the stated goals of the NNLM is to “promote awareness of, access to, and use of biomedical information resources for health professionals and the public, with a particular emphasis on contributing to the Healthy People 2020 goal of eliminating health disparities.” Bentley University Library staff, in partnership with students in Dr. Danielle Blanch Hartigan’s Health Psychology (PS340) course and the Bentley Service-Learning and Civic Engagement Center (BSLCE), will create and present resources to older adults at the Waltham Council on Aging (WCA)… Massachusetts
Better Access for the Best Care: Increasing Medical Professional Awareness and Access to Library Resources Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Staff Library, Bon Secours Health System The Medical Staff Library at Good Samaritan Hospital (GSH) would like to increase awareness and access to electronic resources, both within the physical library and remotely by 15% in 6 months. This includes resources provided by the National Library of Medicine as well as other electronic resources in which the library subscribes. Access to these resources are extremely valuable for medical professionals in continuing their medical education resulting in the best possible healthcare and services for our community. To achieve our goal and improve access to healthcare educational… New York
Collection Equity Outreach Award PlaneTree Health Library PlaneTree Health Library proposes to create an oral history record of the present-day concerns of people in San Francisco Bay Area’s diverse communities with regard to communications (and miscommunications) with their healthcare teams. Our plan is to produce several video interviews with healthcare professionals and community health advocates who work to promote health within their own communities. We will identify representatives from the major cultural groups in the Bay Area, particularly: East Asian (Chinese, Japanese, Korean), South Asian (Indian Subcontinent),… California
Get Healthy Newtown! Cyrenius H. Booth Library Get Healthy Newtown! Is a one-year project that will send librarians and staff out into the community of Newtown CT for health education and health literacy. The project will improve public health by providing the general public and nonprofit leaders with both formal and informal education sessions on MedlinePlus and other databases and resources of the NLM. The classes and sessions will offer the opportunity for the library to lend grant-funded and library-purchased technology to end users with pre-identified NLM sites and resources for their health-related information needs. This… Connecticut
Health Information Equity among Underserved Communities Al-Hamra Academy This project seeks to make accessible for students, their families, and members of the larger community health information by creating a robust educational learning experience across grade levels. Middle School Students will engage in creating health informational materials including brochures, videos, and presentations in English, Urdu, Arabic, Spanish, and other languages to disseminate information on healthy practices that will keep underserved populations safe from the risk of COVID -19 and its variants. The project is bold in its outlook and seeks to create and provide rigorous… Massachusetts
Health Outreach on Respiratory Hazards and Illnesses in New York State Southwest Pennsylvania Environmental Health Project (EHP) In an effort to expand access to reliable health information and increase community-based health literacy, the Environmental Health Project (EHP) proposes to work with several community organizations in New York State to provide information relating to the potential health effects of exposure to air pollution. To achieve this goal, we will engage community organizers and residents through EHP’s Environmental HealthWatch Model, a train-the-trainer approach designed to empower community members with public health tools and resources. With support from the Network of the… Pennsylvania
Increasing Access to Community Health Worker Resources for the New England Region and Beyond CHW Central The COVID-19 Pandemic has underscored the value of community health workers (CHWs) in providing healthcare to underserved communities in the United States and across the globe. CHW Central is the preeminent web-based community of practice and knowledge management resources for and about CHWs. Our work increases access to the most recent evidence on community health worker programs, metrics, and tools. With a Health Information Outreach Grant from NNLM, we will expand the reach and use of the latest CHW evidence, make training resources more easily accessible and improve efficiencies… Massachusetts
Online Health Information Program Platform Long Island Library Resources Council (LILRC) The Long Island Library Resources Council will improve its capacity for providing health information services to member libraries. Currently, we provide sessions throughout the year in order for hospital and health sciences librarians to stay current on health information services. This technology would enhance our ability to provide hybrid sessions and meetings bringing librarians together. New York
Overdose Response Information and Training PCO Hope Plymouth County, as a whole, has been significantly impacted by the opioid epidemic. Between July and November 2021 there were 640 suspected overdose incidents, 50 of those suspected overdoses were fatal. However, more than 90% of people who are administered Narcan for an opioid overdose survive ( For the time period of 2016-2018, the death rate for drug overdoses in Plymouth County was 766 deaths per 100,000 population ( Given the rate of overdose deaths and opioid overdose survival rates due to the…
Pilot Certified Nursing Assistant Program (CNA) designed as a training opportunity for diverse and minority students to enter the health care profession Southern Connecticut State University Pilot Certified Nursing Assistant Program (CNA) is targeted at providing opportunities for diverse and minority students who come from under-served and marginalized populations to learn through health education, training, practice, and final certification. The program will emphasize understanding our present health care systems, explore avenues for advancement, and use Open Educational Resources (OER) in allied health professions and health science fields, as required resources and tools for this success. Our program is designed to include resources from the National Library of… Connecticut
Repurposing data from NIH's iCite to dynamically provide bibliometric-based decision support Weill Cornell Medical College Leaders at academic medical institutions regularly need bibliometric analyses to inform their decisions, but are often forced to settle for crude metrics such as journal impact factor or raw citation counts for individual articles. To meet this need, we will use publications authored by a given person, harvest relevant statistics from NIH's iCite service, and dynamically generate a sophisticated report for that person. The report will include a bibliometric summary of a person's scholarly output, listing that individual's most influential publications,… New York
Walk Yourself Fit Moby Bookmobile Beginning in June, 2024 “Walk Yourself Fit” books will be purchased and shared with communities in three locations on the Wind River Reservation, where Moby Bookmobile regularly reaches out to the community.  Along with the books, a pedometer will be provided to community members registering to take theWalk challenge.  Weekly, Bookmobile will update the list of Athletes on big posters in each location (Fort Washakie Post Office, Ethete Health Clinic, Arapaho Health Clinic).  During June-August participants will exercise… Wyoming
Web-based Education on HPV and Cancer Team Maureen With support from the NNLM Region 7 Grant, Team Maureen will make updates and additions to our web-based educational tool on HPV and Cancer to allow for more effective engagement with patients and the public. Improvements will provide better ways to interact with new knowledge, a ‘find local health care providers’ function for vaccination and screening providers (no matter where you are!) and most importantly, all materials will be translated into Portuguese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Haitian-Creole, Simple Chinese, and Arabic. All of these will help reduce barriers to… Massachusetts
. Promoting Flu Vaccines for LGBT Community Members in Pennsylvania Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center While existing health disparities make it critical for LGBTQ people to engage in preventive care such as flu vaccinations, barriers to care including past or anticipated discrimination reduce the rate at which many LGBTQ people consume healthcare. The 2020 Pennsylvania LGBTQ Health Needs Assessment demonstrated that less than half of LGBTQ Pennsylvanians receive an annual flu shot. Though LGBTQ people were at increased risk with regards to COVID-19, other indicators including the Pennsylvania LGBTQ COVID-19 Vaccine Survey showed that LGBTQ Pennsylvanians were often less likely to… Pennsylvania
“Better Together:” Combatting Health Disparities and COVID-19 in the Arkansas Delta in African American Communities using Authoritative Health Information University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences- Library The ultimate goal of this project is to connect the African-American community in the Arkansas Delta with authoritative health information resources that increase community knowledge of the COVID-19 virus and vaccination safety. Using physician led presentations, community round tables, and shared experience, the aim is to assist community members in the evolution of their health information seeking practices. The presentations will take place in seven counties across the Delta—Chicot, Crittenden, Desha, Lee, Monroe, Phillips, and St. Francis. The NLM resource MedlinePlus… Arkansas
#GetCarded for Health Las Vegas-Clark County Library District The Las Vegas-Clark County Library District proposes to create a county-wide initiative called “#GetCarded for Health.” We will gather existing and new Library District health and wellness-based programming, expand online resources in the medical database, and sponsor health and wellness classes. Nevada
¬A Cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence Tool to Improve Chronic Kidney Disease Care in West Virginia West Virginia University Research Corporation Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) affects more than 1 in 7 adults in the United States (US) and leads to significant morbidity, mortality, and use of scarce healthcare resources. Despite the high prevalence of CKD, as many as 9 in 10 people with CKD are unaware of their disease. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) Behavioral Risk Factors Surveillance System, West Virginia (WV) is ranked as the least-healthiest state in the U.S. with 4.6% of the… West Virginia
A collaborative development Resource Guide to equip medically undeserved consumers with Information about COVID-19 Alliance Charitable Foundation The Alliance Charitable Foundation proposes todevelop and disseminate the Halt COVID Resource Guide containing an array of relevant resources, tools and services organized by topic area,t geographical location, vaccination sites, transportation accessibility and other resources with an overarching goal of thwarting thedevastating effects of COVID 19 of the populationliving within an 8-county target area served by thehealth-oriented nonprofit. Mississippi
A Resilience-building Interprofessional Partnership in an Academic Health System Museums, Libraries and Nurses Working Together NYU Health Sciences Library This project will provide nurses continuing education through workshops led by museum educators, both on site at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and virtually. The project will introduce a discussion and activity format centered around images of museum works that can be adapted for use in clinical and workplace settings. New York
A Roadmap to Early Cancer Detection for the Medically Underserved DetecTogether The lack of early cancer detection among underserved communities and underinsured demographics is significant and growing. Our 3 Steps Detect early cancer detection education, which includes MedLinePlus as a trusted resource, is an important piece in the larger solution to improve health information literacy and increase the ability of people to find and use health information. We are requesting $13,000 toward this project to bring 3 Steps Detect lifesaving education and the use of MedLinePlus to medically underserved, urban communities in Worcester County utilizing the successful… Massachusetts
Addressing Health Misinformation in NE Ohio's African American Communities Through a Community Needs Assessment Northeast Ohio Black Health Coalition Misinformation has been deadly to the African American community. The effects of misinformation have been addressed by the U.S. Surgeon General, especially due to misinformation and disinformation regarding COVID-19.  The Northeast Ohio Black Health Coalition addressing health information in NE Ohio African American communities is our way to best inform the community regarding best practices and reliable sources of accurate information. We will assess the needs of the African American Community in order to understand the impact of misinformation and to provide accurate… Ohio
Advancing Climate Resilience, Sustainability, and Environmental Justice: A Public and Academic Libraries Partnership in San Diego County San Diego Public Library Goal 1: San Diego Public Library, in collaboration with Circuit Libraries, will partner with the NNLM All of Us Program Center and All of Us, UCSD to host 3 climate focused author talks in different Circuit Libraries, in order to engage with community members in enrollment and retention for the All of Us Research Program. California
All Together El Paso Alliance of Border Collaboratives The Alliance of Border Collaboratives (ABC) proposes the “All Together El Paso”, an education and outreach project in health literacy for underrepresented communities in the county of EL Paso Texas. The goal of the project is to improve the access to NLM and related health information by the community. ABC will give emphasis to the provision of health literacy, digital literacy and related information in a way that is meaningful to the target community by increasing the knowledge of the NLM-All of Us Reaserch Program and… Texas
Answering a Call to Action: Preparing PublicLibraries to Respond to the Opioid Crisis Florida State University School of Information Opioid overdose deaths rose by approximately 35percent in Florida from 2019 to 2020- an increase attributed to the Covid-19 pandemic (Byrnes, 2021).t In 2019, OCLC (Online Computer Library Center) applied for, and was awarded, an IMLS (Institute of Museum and Library Services) grant to equip public libraries as first responders in the Opioidepidemic. As output of this grant, a toolkit wasproduced that provides general action steps forpublic libraries to support their communitiesthrough the crisis. For this application MargaretZimmerman, an Assistant Professor with the FloridaState…
Ayen En Wunnanumaonk, Be In Good Health: A Nipmuc Community Wellness Newsletter Nipmuc Nation The Nipmuc People make up one of New England’s largest Native communities and are recognized by the state of Massachusetts [1]. The community consists of approximately 600 members that reside throughout the New England area and beyond. The Nipmuc People are represented by several bands, historically linked by kinship ties, trade routes, and other alliances [2]. 
BE WELL at NPL: Health Information Nashville Public Library BE WELL at NPL advances health literacy in the Davidson County by providing access and outreach to free wellness programs and health resources. BE WELL at NPL aligns its activities with the local health priority areas in Davidson County’s Community Health Improvement Plan. Notably, NPL partners with Get Covered TN to facilitate on-site health insurance enrollment each year, which has become a nationally recognized model for public libraries. BE WELL at NPL plans to launch new services that will help address the high rates of uncontrolled… Tennessee
Bit by Byte: Building Best Practices in Data Literacy Towson University - Cook Library Towson University is one of the nation's top 100 public universities, with over 22,000 graduate and undergraduate students. It has been ranked one of the country's most diverse campuses. In the fall of 2019, 22% of the incoming class were first generation college students and 48% identified as minorities. Towson University boasts a zero percent achievement gap for minority students, according to the U.S. Department of Education ( In February, 2020, an effort to provide all Towson University students with access to the… Maryland
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