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This page includes awards made during the current NNLM award period (May 1, 2021 - April 30, 2026).

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Collection Equity Award Alice M. Ward Memorial Library We are building a collection for our young famiies in the area for Maternal Health and Early Family Health. We have slim pickings in our collection for topics like pregnancy, nutrition, literacy, breastfeeding, postpartum issues, child rearing, early childhood markers, neurodiversity, mental health, addiction, trauma and other related topics. What we do have in our collection is outdated. I would like this collection to be housed with the children's picture books as a genre- so parents can browse them instead of having come through many different Dewey Decimel numbers to those… VT
Collection Equity Award Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, Public Health Library The collection Equity Award will be used to purchase books, hardcopy and e-books to update the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (LAC-DPH) Library collection that has not been done in over 7 years. The goal is to ensure programs and community organization events that are facilitated by DPH are reflective of voices of the communities served; thus, illuminating health issues that are prevalent and unique to underserved populations throughout Los Angeles County. CA
Collection Equity Award Holy Names University At Holy Names University, 64% percent of the student population identify as people of color. The Paul J. Cushing Library is in the process of creating a new strategic plan that includes collection development goals specifically addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion. We know our current collection does not represent our student demographics and we want to improve and address this issue. A Collection Equity Award would support our work by providing additional funding to meet our new collection development goals. We currently have a running list of resources and materials that… CA
Collection Equity Award City of Hope With the Collection Equity Award, the library will continue supporting the mission of NNLM by providing the City of Hope community access to resources that enable them to make informed decisions regarding DEI in healthcare delivery and the healthcare work environment. Our organization strives to create an… CA
Collection Equity Award D.A. Hurd Library With a Collection Equity Award, the D. A. Hurd Library will develop and expand our resources by purchasing books and items related to health literacy and health and medical issues.  Our library supports North Berwick, a rural Maine town with a population of 4,978 (…;.) For the purpose of this Award, we will focus on developing our resources for our aging adult community and our LGBTQIA+ community. We will provide additional… ME
Collection Equity Award University of Southern California - Norris Medical Library The Norris Medical Library (NML) plans to expand our Graphic Medicine collection and promote it to our patrons and library community. We will aim to bolster our Graphic Medicine collection and jumpstart activities related to narrative medicine and health equity on campus as well as drive usage of the collection. We will focus on acquiring titles that fill gaps in our existing collection related to… CA
Collection Equity Award Everett Public Library In the city of Everett, as well as all of Snohomish County, addiction issues continue to have a large impact on the daily life of the community and are a major health crisis. At the Everett Public Library, staff and customers need quality informational materials on addiction, recovery, and emotional support to deal with this crisis. WA
Collection Equity Award Clatskanie Library District If granted, the Clatskanie Library District will spend the entirety of the award on purchasing new, current, and relevant books for our adult general nonfiction collection in the area of health and wellness. OR
Collection Equity Award Al-Hamra Academy We propose using the funds from the Collection Equity Award to expand our collection of books at the school related to the intersection of health and diversity, with a focus on mental health, wellbeing, and inclusion. We will also include titles that provide guidance on being an advocate for health equity. We will also explore specialized collections in graphic medicine/comics to better engage reluctant readers on complex health topics by adolescents. MA
Collection Equity Award University of California San Francisco Building on our specialized history and expertise, the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Library plans to use the NNLM Region 5 Collection Equity Award to acquire a collection of graphic novels about health topics, i.e., graphic medicine. As medical humanities and similar interdisciplinary studies have gained wider scholastic recognition, academic health sciences libraries have begun… CA
Collection Equity Award Monterey County Free Libraries The official service population falling within the jurisdiction of Monterey County Free Libraries (MCFL) is 230,000 residents. The inland region is largely rural with many remote communities along California’s 101 highway. Agriculture is a major industry in our area and according to the Monterey Farm Bureau, “ CA
Collection Equity Award Bangor Public Library We have a collection called “Early Family Life” that is dedicated to social, emotional, mental, and physical health of children 0-10 years of age. The collection is quite old, with some of our books dating back to the 1980s. Even if the information is still applicable, the look and feel of the books are not engaging and give the impression of a neglected collection that lacks relevant information. The collection is not only outdated but it is extremely difficult to browse. Our intention is to update the collection, particularly for current information on neurodiversity and mental… ME
Collection Equity Award Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai The Levy Library is a central place for learning and dialogue in the Mount Sinai community. A Collection Equity award would provide an amazing opportunity to invite our students, faculty and staff throughout the Health System to recommend titles and authors so that we can purchase additional print and electronic resources that will impact their lives as learners, care providers, and teachers. While we currently offer print and digital “Special Topics in Medicine” collections which invite our community to learn through access to emerging and historically marginalized voices and… NY
Collection Equity Award Peabody Memorial Library Purchase new books so that our patrons of all ages will have access to reliable and current biomedical, health, and public health information and data.  ME
Collection Equity Award Portland State University This award would fund the purchase of materials supporting resources in the areas of Native, Indigenous, and Pacific Islander health. Portland State University (PSU) is a large urban university, serving students from Portland, its metro area, and beyond. Situated in the middle of the city, PSU campus and its Library are used by the public as well as PSU students, staff, and faculty. Over the last… OR
Collection Equity Award Nevins Memorial Library Here are some steps to consider: Identify, select, and acquire materials in a variety of genres such as graphic medicine, fiction, and memoirs in Spanish.  Use relationships with local organizations, such as health clinics and community centers that help to promote the library's collection and services. Promote the library's collection and services through outreach to the Latino community using, among others, social media, local newspapers, and community events to… MA
Collection Equity Award Oregon Post Adoption Resource Center Library We acknowledge that ORPARC’s physical library sits on the ancestral, traditional and contemporary lands belonging to indigenous peoples since time immemorial, and that our library resources serve the entire state of Oregon OR
Collection Equity Award Hadley Parrot Health Science Library The Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center, Hadley Parrot Library’s current consumer health collection lacks health information relevant to today’s diverse and underrepresented populations. Page 2 of 4 The 2022 Maine Shared Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) identified culturally competent care and health literacy among the top concerns expressed by Maine’s Black and LGBTQ+ communities. Other needs identified in the CHNA include the need for resources to address mental health, suicide prevention, and substance and alcohol use. Additionally, due to the library’s location… ME
Collection Equity Award Cyrenius H. Booth Library The Collection Equity Award will establish a series of book clubs and programs relating to the needs of underrepresented and marginalized groups. Providing the community with a robust collection of written, audio, and visual resources will create an immersive experience that illustrates the NLM’s mission, while also broadening community awareness of the health information needs of various segments of its members. The award will also be used to provide training to the staff on these issues, ensuring that the community will be well-versed in the nature of these programs and the… CT
Collection Equity Award San Bruno Public Library We would purchase electronic and/or physical books and audiobooks on health topics in both fiction and nonfiction and make them available to the public as part of the library’s collection. These materials would be in both English and Spanish and would be part of the library’s featured booklists. The library already has plans to coordinate with the local school district&rsquo… CA
Collection Equity Award 13 Maine Health We would review our collection of ebooks and audiobooks to find areas where we could increase the number of books available to patients and community members across the MaineHealth system. Our primary focus would be around non-English books, audiobooks, and graphic novels in order to have information accessible to people who have challenges with reading English-only, text-only books.
Collection Equity Award Dana Medical Library University of Vermont - Dana Medical Library Expand Access to Graphic Medicine VT
Collection Equity Award Y3 - San José State University, Martin Luther King, Jr. Library San Jose State University The Collection Equity Award will be used to build a collection pertaining to delivering healthcare to marginalized and medically-underserved populations in Santa Clara County, as identified by the El Camino Health 2022 Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA).¹ Populations of interest include the elderly, low-income residents, new Americans and/or undocumented immigrants, and the unhoused… CA
Collection Equity Award Y3 - A.T. Still Memorial Library California A.T. Still Memorial Library - California We plan to expand our Whole Person Health collection to have a Diversity Collection, in which we have fiction, nonfiction, medical term dictionaries in various languages, multicultural textbooks, etc to better support our student population. Our campus has partnered with Community Health Centers to have a unique program where we matriculate diverse students to serve underserved… CA
Collection Equity Award Y3 - Blue Mountain Community College Library Blue Mountain Community College Library Blue Mountain Community College Library is dedicated to building equitable and accessible collections in service of our diverse learning community.  We will use this Collection Equity Award to expand our Health and Medicine collections, with a particular emphasis on Spanish language materials, materials focusing on Native Americans and written by Native American authors… OR
Collection Equity Award Y3 - California Northstate University California Northstate University California Northstate University has established working relationships with local schools, food banks, museums, and other nonprofits for service learning endeavors. The Library is working to support these existing relationships with new academic materials that expand the scope of the Library collection, promote curricular outcomes, and establish service learning components of didactic instruction… CA
Collection Equity Award Y3 - California State University, Sacramento California State University, Sacramento I plan to purchase materials by diverse authors and/or about underrepresented populations in health sciences and public health for the Sacramento State University’s collections. Students’ research and writing topics are frequently focused around health inequities and the health disparities that arise from these inequities. Examples of research consultations I have had with the… CA
Collection Equity Award Y3 - California State University, San Marcos California State University, San Marcos The Collection Equity Award would allow California State University San Marcos (CSUSM) to increase access to a more representative and inclusive collection of health-related literature through the purchase of additional monograph titles (both electronic and physical) that focus on underrepresented populations in the health sciences. CSUSM is a regional forward-focused university serving more than… CA
Collection Equity Award Y3 - Chaminade University of Honolulu - Sullivan Family Library Chaminade University - Sullivan Family Library We hope to use the funding to develop our health sciences and nursing collection. Our health sciences and nursing collection has not received funding for routine collection development since 2018. This means that we have been forced to withdraw books – either due to damage or outdated information – yet have not been able to purchase new material to make up for this loss. In… HI
Collection Equity Award Y3 - Clover Park Technical College Clover Park Technical College Utilizing the Diverse Voices in Health & Medicine Collections toolkit provided by the NNLM, we will purchase health information books with focuses on Addiction/Recovery, Body Systems and Diseases (with a focus on HIV/AIDS), Health Topics for People of Color, Mental Health and Psychology, Sexual and Reproductive/Women’s Health, and Social Issues. We will choose from both the WA
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