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This page includes awards made during the current NNLM award period (May 1, 2021 - April 30, 2026).

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Project Title Lead Organization Project Summary Project Start Date Project End Date State
Apple of His Eye Inc. Promotion & Enhanced Engagement of Mental Health Education Programming Offered by NAMI Southwest Ohio - Part II Apple Of His Eye Inc. Apple of His Eye Inc. will work with NAMI to promote and enhance engagement for a total of 3 community-based workshops (held virtually or face to face) focused on providing individuals and families with relevant mental health literacy tools and education to inform a better quality of life for individuals living with persistent and severe mental health conditions and loved-ones supporting family members living with persistent and severe mental health conditions. Further, Apple of His Eye Inc. & NAMI have partnered successfully on past community-based mental health education… OH
DIVE-IN (Developing Inclusive Voices & Experiences In Nursing) Program National Association of Hispanic Nurses- CT Chapter The need to successfully address the lack of diversity in our health professions has never been greater, as we learn more about health disparities within our communities of color and discuss ways to improve health equity. Considering racial/ethnic backgrounds (AACN,2019), the RN population is comprised of 80.8% White/Caucasian; and only 6.2% African American; 7.5% Asian; 5.3% Hispanic; 0.4% American Indian/Alaskan Native; 0.5 Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, which is not reflective of our nation’s diversity. While pipeline program in high-schools have been happening for… CT
Overdose Response Information and Training PCO Hope Plymouth County, as a whole, has been significantly impacted by the opioid epidemic. Between July and November 2021 there were 640 suspected overdose incidents, 50 of those suspected overdoses were fatal. However, more than 90% of people who are administered Narcan for an opioid overdose survive ( For the time period of 2016-2018, the death rate for drug overdoses in Plymouth County was 766 deaths per 100,000 population ( Given the rate of overdose deaths and opioid overdose survival rates due to the…
Pilot Certified Nursing Assistant Program (CNA) designed as a training opportunity for diverse and minority students to enter the health care profession Southern Connecticut State University Pilot Certified Nursing Assistant Program (CNA) is targeted at providing opportunities for diverse and minority students who come from under-served and marginalized populations to learn through health education, training, practice, and final certification. The program will emphasize understanding our present health care systems, explore avenues for advancement, and use Open Educational Resources (OER) in allied health professions and health science fields, as required resources and tools for this success. Our program is designed to include resources from the National Library of… CT
Web-based Education on HPV and Cancer Team Maureen With support from the NNLM Region 7 Grant, Team Maureen will make updates and additions to our web-based educational tool on HPV and Cancer to allow for more effective engagement with patients and the public. Improvements will provide better ways to interact with new knowledge, a ‘find local health care providers’ function for vaccination and screening providers (no matter where you are!) and most importantly, all materials will be translated into Portuguese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Haitian-Creole, Simple Chinese, and Arabic. All of these will help reduce barriers to… MA
#GetCarded for Health Las Vegas-Clark County Library District The Las Vegas-Clark County Library District proposes to create a county-wide initiative called “#GetCarded for Health.” We will gather existing and new Library District health and wellness-based programming, expand online resources in the medical database, and sponsor health and wellness classes. NV
¬A Cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence Tool to Improve Chronic Kidney Disease Care in West Virginia West Virginia University Research Corporation Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) affects more than 1 in 7 adults in the United States (US) and leads to significant morbidity, mortality, and use of scarce healthcare resources. Despite the high prevalence of CKD, as many as 9 in 10 people with CKD are unaware of their disease. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) Behavioral Risk Factors Surveillance System, West Virginia (WV) is ranked as the least-healthiest state in the U.S. with 4.6% of the… WV
A Resilience-building Interprofessional Partnership in an Academic Health System Museums, Libraries and Nurses Working Together NYU Grossman School of Medicine, NYU Health Sciences Library This project will provide nurses continuing education through workshops led by museum educators, both on site at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and virtually. The project will introduce a discussion and activity format centered around images of museum works that can be adapted for use in clinical and workplace settings.
All Together El Paso Alliance of Border Collaboratives The Alliance of Border Collaboratives (ABC) proposes the “All Together El Paso”, an education and outreach project in health literacy for underrepresented communities in the county of EL Paso Texas. The goal of the project is to improve the access to NLM and related health information by the community. ABC will give emphasis to the provision of health literacy, digital literacy and related information in a way that is meaningful to the target community by increasing the knowledge of the NLM-All of Us Reaserch Program and… TX
Bridging Knowledge in Wayne County, NC UNC Wayne The primary goal of the Bridging Knowledge project is to increase both health and digital equity within Wayne County, NC by the use of grant-provided technology in a series of community partnership programs. This will be achieved by working with both the general community and new graduate nurses.  In community partnership with Wayne County Public Library, a series of classes will cover a variety of health literacy programs focusing on the National Library of Medicine (NLM) of MedlinePlus, ClinicalTrials.… NC
Bringing the Best Health Information to Alaska’s Distant Communities University of Alaska Anchorage Medical Library The primary goal of the project is to improve the quality of life and health for Alaska’s citizens by providing information outreach services to the healthcare workforce and to public libraries, especially in rural areas, over a five-year period from May 2021 through April 2026. Access to quality biomedical information will support health professionals in their care of patients. With outreach to healthcare facilities, the Alaska Medical Library (AML) fulfills one component of the Network of the National Library of Medicine’s (NNLM) mission to… AK
Building Adolescent Skills in Health Literacy and Public Health Advocacy Boston Children’s Hospital The Building Adolescent Skills in Health Literacy and Public Health Advocacy program aims to protect and improve the health of the adolescent population as it… MA
Building resilience to health misinformation in San Diego County, California, communities: An online outreach toolkit for library workers University of California, San Diego BACKGROUND: Health misinformation negatively impacts our informed health awareness, decision-making, and adherence to public health measures (Surgeon General, 2021). Consequently, San Diego County, California, declared health misinformation a public health crisis. Libraries in our region can support the County’s campaign to counteract health misinformation through information literacy support and resource access. GOAL: We aim to develop an online outreach toolkit that helps San Diego County library workers (public, academic, and school) launch an… CA
Challenging racism within the context of dental care through ethnic and local media and with libraries as safe, neutral spaces for reaching medically underserved populations San Francisco State University Dental and oral health-care outcomes for racial and ethnic minorities present a stark divide between populations able to access regular dental care, and communities struggling to receive basic and sometimes lifesaving treatment. The public health challenge of racism will be explored within the context of dental care and through the space of public libraries and the participation of ethnic and local media as influential community members. This project — stemming from a larger prospective research effort currently under NIH review (R21 DE032161-… CA
Challis Public Library Telehealth and Health Care Information Education Center Challis Public Library The Challis Public Library is in the final stages of adding a telehealth privacy pod inside the public library. The objective is to have a place where patrons, and the general public, including temporary workers and travelers, could access health care providers in the privacy of the pod within our library. We would also like to build our health care collection to provide current health care education materials for patrons to borrow from the library and better understand conditions they or a loved one might be experiencing. Health care education materials will help build the library… ID
Coastal Center Library and Information Outreach Parents and Guardians Association of the Coastal Center The following outreach program aims to enhance the quality of life and health for individuals with disabilities in South Carolina by providing access to high-quality health information and resources. The project aims to promote awareness of healthier special needs citizens and communities in our state. Our team plans to achieve this through a physical and online library that will be populated with information resources and other high quality, easy to use, and applicable online resources for individuals with disabilities and their caregivers. We will pay… SC
Colección para Elevar Voces Latinas/Latines Oregon Post Adoption Resource Center Library   We acknowledge that ORPARC’s physical library sits on the ancestral, traditional and contemporary lands belonging to indigenous peoples since time immemorial, and services all of Oregon… OR
Collection Equity Award Everett Public Library In the city of Everett, as well as all of Snohomish County, addiction issues continue to have a large impact on the daily life of the community and are a major health crisis. At the Everett Public Library, staff and customers need quality informational materials on addiction, recovery, and emotional support to deal with this crisis. WA
Collection Equity Award Y3 - San José State University, Martin Luther King, Jr. Library San Jose State University The Collection Equity Award will be used to build a collection pertaining to delivering healthcare to marginalized and medically-underserved populations in Santa Clara County, as identified by the El Camino Health 2022 Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA).¹ Populations of interest include the elderly, low-income residents, new Americans and/or undocumented immigrants, and the unhoused… CA
Collection Equity Award Y3 - A.T. Still Memorial Library California A.T. Still Memorial Library - California We plan to expand our Whole Person Health collection to have a Diversity Collection, in which we have fiction, nonfiction, medical term dictionaries in various languages, multicultural textbooks, etc to better support our student population. Our campus has partnered with Community Health Centers to have a unique program where we matriculate diverse students to serve underserved… CA
Collection Equity Award Y3 - Blue Mountain Community College Library Blue Mountain Community College Library Blue Mountain Community College Library is dedicated to building equitable and accessible collections in service of our diverse learning community.  We will use this Collection Equity Award to expand our Health and Medicine collections, with a particular emphasis on Spanish language materials, materials focusing on Native Americans and written by Native American authors… OR
Collection Equity Award Y3 - California Northstate University California Northstate University California Northstate University has established working relationships with local schools, food banks, museums, and other nonprofits for service learning endeavors. The Library is working to support these existing relationships with new academic materials that expand the scope of the Library collection, promote curricular outcomes, and establish service learning components of didactic instruction… CA
Collection Equity Award Y3 - California State University, Sacramento California State University, Sacramento I plan to purchase materials by diverse authors and/or about underrepresented populations in health sciences and public health for the Sacramento State University’s collections. Students’ research and writing topics are frequently focused around health inequities and the health disparities that arise from these inequities. Examples of research consultations I have had with the… CA
Collection Equity Award Y3 - California State University, San Marcos California State University, San Marcos The Collection Equity Award would allow California State University San Marcos (CSUSM) to increase access to a more representative and inclusive collection of health-related literature through the purchase of additional monograph titles (both electronic and physical) that focus on underrepresented populations in the health sciences. CSUSM is a regional forward-focused university serving more than… CA
Collection Equity Award Y3 - Chaminade University of Honolulu - Sullivan Family Library Chaminade University - Sullivan Family Library We hope to use the funding to develop our health sciences and nursing collection. Our health sciences and nursing collection has not received funding for routine collection development since 2018. This means that we have been forced to withdraw books – either due to damage or outdated information – yet have not been able to purchase new material to make up for this loss. In… HI
Collection Equity Award Y3 - Clover Park Technical College Clover Park Technical College Utilizing the Diverse Voices in Health & Medicine Collections toolkit provided by the NNLM, we will purchase health information books with focuses on Addiction/Recovery, Body Systems and Diseases (with a focus on HIV/AIDS), Health Topics for People of Color, Mental Health and Psychology, Sexual and Reproductive/Women’s Health, and Social Issues. We will choose from both the WA
Collection Equity Award Y3 - Mount Saint Mary’s University, Los Angeles Mount Saint Mary's University MSMU Libraries wants to use the Collection Equity Award to develop the collection in areas that promote reading as a source of mental health awareness and well-being for its students. Our primary goals include: 1) Develop our popular reading collection to incorporate more topics on mental health and wellness; 2) Work with the University’s Counseling and Psychology Services (CAPS) through… CA
Collection Equity Award Y3 - Oregon Health & Science University Library Oregon Health & Science University Library These funds will be used to further develop and enrich OHSU Library’s collection of health- and medical-themed graphic novels. Graphic medicine facilitates learning, compassion, and a greater appreciation for the health sciences through the medium of comic-style art and narrative storytelling. This… OR
Collection Equity Award Y3 - Pacific University Oregon Pacific University This is a proposal to purchase diversity training products and services for cultural awareness and skill-building activities similar to ones that individuals (or association members) might get attending continuing education (CE) classes through podcasts, online webinars/workshops, live or taped conferences, etc. Such products and services offer online, on-demand, interactive, and intensive learning. This proposal extends collection… OR
Collection Equity Award Y3 - Savitt Medical Library University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine I intend to expand key areas of the Savitt Medical Library print collection with this award. Resources will be selected to address known demographics which UNR Med is committed to serving under our diversity, equity and inclusion strategies. The Mission-Based Diversity Groups (MBDG) are identified across our library user communities of faculty, staff and students, and were identified by way of… NV
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