Confronting Health Misinformation

Confronting Health Misinformation: The U.S. Surgeon General’s Advisory on Building a Health Information Environment reports that:

Misinformation thrives in the absence of easily accessible, credible information. When people look for information online and see limited or contradictory search results, they may be left confused or misinformed. More broadly, misinformation tends to flourish in environments of significant societal division, animosity, and distrust. 

The NNLM engages with communities to raise awareness of trusted, high-quality, and relevant information and develop strategies to improve health literacy, data literacy, and understand and actively engage in medical research (clinical trials).

Health Misinformation Resources

This guide aims to provide libraries, medical professionals, and other information professionals with tools and knowledge to address health misinformation effectively.

Health Misinformation Webinar Series

Presentations from expert guest speakers. This series will enable librarians, public health professionals, health educators, and health care providers to explore various aspects of health misinformation, disinformation, and mal-information.

Funding Opportunities

Interested in programs to address health misinformation? Browse our open funding opportunities to learn about NNLM awards that might support your project!

Evaluating Health Information

Health information is easy to find. But finding reliable health information takes a little effort. Learn more from MedlinePlus about how to evaluate up-to-date trustworthy resources.