The mission of the Network of the National Library of Medicine (NNLM) is to advance the progress of medicine and improve the public health by providing all U.S. health professionals with equal access to biomedical information and improving the public's access to information to enable them to make informed decisions about their health. The Program is coordinated by the National Library of Medicine and carried out through a nationwide network of health science libraries and information centers.

Upcoming Classes
May 1, 2024 - July 31, 2024 NNLM Book Discussion: May 1, 2024 – July 31, 2024: At Home on an Unruly Planet by Madeline Ostrander

Join us May 1, 2024 – July 31, 2024 to discuss the book At Home on an Unruly Planet: Finding Refuge on a Changed Earth by Madeline Ostrander.

July 23, 2024 How PubMed Works: Introduction

This 90-minute introduction session provides overviews about:

What PubMed is and what's in it.
Finding the original research that is the basis for a news article.
Finding articles by a specific author.
Searching for articles on a specific subject.
Narrowing search results to a more specific subset
Exploring the Advanced Search Builder and Search History.

July 24, 2024 Piecing Together Systematic Reviews. Phase 2: Protocol

This session will cover the first phase of the PIECCESS review cycle, the Proposal phase of conducting a systematic review.

July 25, 2024 How PubMed Works: Selection

This 90-minute class covers issues and concerns surrounding the current publishing landscape; the selection criteria for the different components of the PubMed database and NLM responsibilities and practices in collecting and providing access to the biomedical literature. MEDLINE and PMC staff will be available to answer audience questions.

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