Data Driven Discovery: Building Capacity for Data-Driven Research

NNLM supports the goals of the NLM Strategic Plan 2017-2027: A Platform for Biomedical Discovery and Data-Powered Health. This effort is led by the National Center for Data Services. Two of the key goals of this plan are to accelerate discovery and advance health through data-driven research and to build a workforce for data-driven research and health. Through funding, education, and outreach, the Network serves as a resource for librarians, students, and interested individuals to learn about library roles in data science and data management and emerging trends in supporting biomedical research.

NIH DMSP Toolkit
Learn about the NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy, including information about data management plans, repositories, and data sharing.
Data Pathways
Discover the steps to gaining expertise in research data services. Follow pathways of NNLM offerings to learn about data management, data sharing, and data science.
NNLM Data Glossary
Connects and defines concepts, services, and tools relevant to librarians working in data-driven discovery.
NLM Data Discovery
Access National Library of Medicine datasets.