Region 6 Resources

The following resources were developed by and for Region 6 but may be useful throughout NNLM. Follow each link for more information.

Community Guide to Advance Health Information Equity

  • The Community Guide to Advance Health Information Equity is an interactive resource to facilitate awareness of evidence-based health needs throughout Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin to engage in health information outreach

Health Information Translations

  • This project provides plain language health education resources for health care professionals and others working in communities with limited English proficient populations. There are over 3,500 resources in 15+ languages

Minwanjige Mino-bimaadizi (Eat Well, Live Well)

  • Minwanjige Mino-bimaadize (Eat Well, Live Well) is a series of four activity books that help fill a critical gap in early childhood learning resources for Native American children. The project focuses on raising awareness of food-associated factors that contribute to physical and emotional health. The books incorporate Ojibwe culture and language; however, the books can be adapted for other Native American cultures and languages.

Multilingual Health Broadcast & Social Media Graphics

  • This resource provides over 260 culturally relevant infographics and videos in four languages to improve access to reliable, actionable health information that helps historically marginalized communities make informed decisions about their health. The graphics and videos are publicly available for you to use in your own community! 

NNLM Discovery

  • Open Science: A Story from NLM
    • Last year, NIH was one of several federal agencies to join the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy in their celebration of 2023 as the Year of Open Science. Observing the Year of Open Science allowed us an opportunity to reflect and strengthen this foundation. In this special episode of NNLM Discovery, we chat with Lisa Federer, Acting Director of the Office of Strategic Initiatives at NLM and Maryam Zaringhalam, Data Science and Open Science Officer in the Office of Strategic Initiatives at NLM.
  • Addressing Period Poverty in Richland County, Ohio: Presented in podcast and videocast formats
    • Why do we expect to find toilet paper and paper towels in a public restroom, but feminine hygiene products are considered optional? This episode of the NNLM Discovery Podcast shares the story of Richland County Public Health director Dr. Julie Chaya’s initiative to combat period poverty in her community of Mansfield, Ohio. Find out more about project Free Flow.

NLM Traveling Exhibits - Region 6 Host Site Guide

  • Libraries and cultural institutions present inspiring stories about history, society, and medicine to their communities through National Library of Medicine (NLM) Traveling Exhibitions. Curated from NLM collections and available free of charge, these exhibitions explore current themes in public health and connect visitors to trusted NLM health information resources such as MedlinePlus and PubMed. This guide is a list of exhibits that will be hosted by Region 6 organizations through 2025, broken down by state.

State Advisory Group (SAG) Action Plans

  • Each of the seven SAG group members spent year 2 discovering their state's health priorities and developing action plans, ranging from dental health to menstrual health and everything in between. Provided here are descriptions of the the action plans approved for each state. One funding opportunity, several tool kits, and a partnering with a physician/author regarding addiction and recovery were created. Links to the created resources coming soon!