Elizabeth Roth

Research and Data Science Strategist, Region 2

Elizabeth leads the Region 2 data and evaluation initiatives. She has a decade of experience managing the activities of public and private health grants. Most recently, she developed and managed Nashville Public Library's Be Well at NPL program in Nashville, TN, which integrates public health strategies into the daily operations of a public library system. In her role at NNLM, Elizabeth seeks to make data science skills more accessible to Region 2 members and their communities.

Classes I Teach

Event Title Summary
Create Effective Data Visualizations Join us for Love Data Week 2023! Data visualization is a key part of communicating information. Learn about common types of visualizations and how to use them to meet the information needs of your audience. This class will give examples of different chart types and will discuss common pitfalls when creating visualizations. Lastly, instructors will use example datasets to demonstrate creating visualizations in Tableau Public.
From Problem to Prevention: Evidence-Based Public Health Learn the basics of evidence-based public health (EBPH) and essential steps of the EBPH process through the lens of NLM resources in this 1 hour webinar.
RDM On-demand: Data Security, Storage and Preservation How do you keep data secure and preserved? This introductory, four-hour, on-demand course uses readings, tutorials, videos, and hands-on scenarios to show how to evaluate preservation needs of a dataset, identify appropriate data repositories for a given dataset, examine security/privacy issues with data, and explain how data policies affect data ownership, security, and storage.
Region 2: NNLM Day at MLA 2022 Meet the NNLM Region 2 during NNLM Day at MLA 2022! At this session, we will highlight our activities in the first year as the new Region 2 program. Additionally, we will share upcoming activities and programs NNLM members can look forward to in the coming year. Come share your ideas of relevant programming that interests you, and the other members of the region.

The online event is free and available to all.
Region 2: NNLM Day at MLA 2023 Meet the NNLM Region 2 during NNLM Day at MLA 2023!

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