Jamia Williams

Consumer Health Program Specialist, NTO

Jamia Williams is the Consumer Health Program Specialist with the Network of the National Library of Medicine(NNLM) Training Office. In this role, Jamia will deliver training and develop a nationwide program to vastly expand the number of library staff with the skills and knowledge to provide reliable health information in communities in cooperation with the NNLM All of Us Program Center. Jamia earned her Master of Library Science from North Carolina Central University and brings a public service-oriented and inclusive approach to working effectively and collaboratively with students, faculty, clinicians, the public, and other patrons of diverse identities and cultural backgrounds. Her professional affiliations include the Medical Library Association, the Black Caucus American Library Association, the American Library Association, the JAMA Network Library Advisory Board, the New York Library Association, and the Association of the College and Research Libraries. Her research interests are diversity, inclusion, equity, social justice, and health equity in and outside of librarianship.

Classes I Teach

Event Title Summary
Course Approval 101: Consumer Health for Library Students This 1-hour webinar will give an overview of the NNLM Consumer Health for Library Students Program, the benefits of offering certificates to students, and the step-by-step process on how to apply to offer CHIS certificates for your class at no cost.
Health Programming at Your Library Join us for ideas on how to create health programs for libraries and community/faith-based organizations in this 90-minute webinar.
Health Stories in the Media This class is designed to evaluate health stories in the media. This course will address how health information is reported in news outlets and popular media and teach you how to analyze these health claims critically. Analysis of news stories involves critical thinking; you will be introduced to a rating instrument and practice exercises to develop this skill.

Just as no study is perfect, no health story in the news is perfect – but developing this skill will aid you in identifying common reporting issues and teach you how and where to seek more information.

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