Nora Barnett, MSLIS, AHIP

Health Professionals Outreach Specialist, Region 6

Nora Barnett is the Health Professions Outreach Specialist at Network of the National Library of Medicine, Region 6. She helps unaffiliated health professionals, public health departments, and community based organizations increase organizational health literacy and meet the health information needs of their communities. Nora developed and teaches the courses Environmental Health and Justice: a Brief Primer, Health Literacy On-Demand, Prescription & Over the Counter Drugs, and Effective Health Communication and Health Literacy: Understanding the Connection.

Classes I Teach

Event Title Summary
Endocrine Disruptors in Environmental Health, a Region 6 Spotlight Speaker Webinar Learn about the phenomenon of endocrine disruption, the inference of normal hormonal processes in the human endocrine system by chemicals and pollutants in our environment. Participants will learn about historical discoveries and recent scientific findings. Approaches to address the issue, including chemical avoidance and political advocacy, will be discussed.
Environmental Chemicals and Breast Cancer: What Do We Know? What Can We Do?, a Region 6 Spotlight Speaker Webinar Join guest speaker Julia Brody, director of Silent Spring Institute, to
(1) review the science on how everyday chemical exposures can influence breast cancer risk,
(2) identify resources to help people reduce their exposures by taking simple actions as individuals and community members, and
(3) learn how misleading information, including from sources that people expect to be reliable, can play into industry’s dismissive strategies.
Environmental Health and Justice: a brief primer Learn about three resources you can use to find data and statistics about environmental health disparities in your community. This on-demand training takes approximately one hour to complete and offers CHES, CPH, and MLA credit.
From Words to Wellness: Exploring the Impact of Expressive Writing, a Region 6 Spotlight Speaker Webinar Expressive writing has been shown to have many benefits for those facing chronic and serious illness. Guest speaker April Stearns, founder of Wildfire magazine, will discuss the how expressive writing can be helpful in healing and share her experience translating the science about expressive writing into a writing program for young people with breast cancer. Participants will learn about the history of expressive writing in healing, expressive writing's role in physical healing, and how expressive writing interventions lead to improved outcomes.
Health Literacy of People Living with Mental Health or Substance Use Disorders, a Region 6 Spotlight Speaker Webinar This presentation will shed light on the health literacy of individuals living with mental health and substance use disorders. Guest speaker Dr. Tayla Degan will provide an overview of her research examining the multidimensional health literacy levels of this population and how health literacy levels impact health outcomes. She will discuss practical tools and future steps to address this population's health literacy.
Health Literacy On Demand Learn about health literacy definitions, best practices, tools for communicating health information clearly, and resources for improving health literacy. This on-demand narrated tutorial takes about an hour to complete. It offers CHES, CNE, and MLA credit.
Prescription and Over the Counter Drugs: Supporting Patients with Evidence-Based Information This 1 credit hour on-demand course provides an introduction to three free resources from the National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health: the NIDA website, DailyMed and LactMed.
Region 6: NNLM Day at MLA 2023 Meet the NNLM Region 6 during NNLM Day at MLA 2023!
Sources of Airborne PCBs in Schools, a Region 6 Spotlight Speaker Webinar This talk will summarize the latest research on PCBs, especially PCBs in air of schools where they remain present in caulking, adhesives, and electrical equipment.
Guest speaker: Keri Hornbuckle

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