Katie Pierce Farrier

Data Science Strategist, Region 3

Classes I Teach

Event Title Summary
Bridging the Digital Divide: Telehealth's Double-edged Sword In order to achieve more equitable telehealth, leaders in health care and communities must address a person's: (1) digital fluency, the ability to use digital tools efficiently and effectively, and (2) the capacity for health advocacy or a person's ability to advocate for their own health needs. Community leaders have the capacity to work towards solving these divides.
Create Effective Data Visualizations Data visualization is a key part of communicating information. Learn about common types of visualizations and how to use them to meet the information needs of your audience. This class will give examples of different chart types and will discuss common pitfalls when creating visualizations. Lastly, instructors will use example datasets to demonstrate creating visualizations in Tableau Public.
From Wallflowers to Power Players: Mastering the Art of Networking Learn tips and tricks for networking at conferences, connecting with peers, and building your professional network.

This webinar is brought to you through a partnership with the Early Career Librarian Initiative (ECLI) a volunteer-based group within SCC/MLA.
Health Statistics on the Web (January 29, 2024) Learn the difference between data and statistics, key features and use of health statistics, steps to finding health statistics, and sources of health statistics at the local, state and national level in this 90-minute webinar.
Integrating Research, Publishing, and Presenting Into Your Career This presentation will discuss strategies for getting started in research, as well as the pros and perils of publishing your work and navigating such factors as open access, predatory publishers, and research metrics. This webinar is brought to you through a partnership with the Early Career Librarian Initiative (ECLI) a volunteer-based group within SCC/MLA.
Making the Most Out of Your Grant Application (Region 3) Applying for a grant can be stressful and intimidating at times. This webinar is designed to demystify the grant application process. From understanding the parts of the grant to completing the details of the budget, this webinar provides all the information needed to prepare clear goals, objectives, and a competitive project proposal. Participants will learn where to find available funding, important documents to include in the proposal, where to go for data to support the proposal, how the application is scored, and post-award reporting requirements.
Navigating New Norms: Harnessing Generative AI for Library Services and Solutions Libraries are navigating new norms by leveraging generative artificial intelligence to enhance their services and adapt to changing user behaviors and needs. This is a short course of 4 sessions designed to equip librarians with the knowledge and skills needed to automate efforts in advancing analytics, creating content, and answering library users' questions. Register to embark on a journey exploring the nuts and bolts of generative AI, from its foundational concepts to practical applications in library settings.
Participatory Community Building with Myanmar Refugee Women in Dallas, Texas Myanmar refugees in Dallas experience multiple challenges to their successful resettlement and consequent social integration. The researcher will present the process and findings of 5 stages of the community participatory research project with Myanmar refugee women resettling in Dallas, Texas.
R3 and R6 Carpentries for LIS February 2024 This workshop is focused on Data Carpentries. The curriculum will include:
• Data organization in spreadsheets
• Data cleaning with OpenRefine
• Data visualization with R
Region 3 Library Carpentries November Session Region 3 is excited to announce we will be hosting a free online session of Library Carpentry in November 2023.

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