Ingrid Valencia

NNLM All of US CEC Office Manager, NAPC

Professional background: I have a bachelors in Civil Engineer and an MBA with concentration in Marketing. An interesting mix of analytical skills with avid curiosity for everything about health and personal development. Left a promising career in the corporate world to become a "trailing spouse,” supporting my husband’s career while traveling the world. This forced me to seek new professional development by joining the Health and wellness industry to become a Fitness Instructor and Transformational Life Coach. Prior to joining the NNLM All of Us program, I managed several entrepreneurial ventures my own. My background and research interests are in community engagement and outreach, consumer health, and learning spaces. Something personal: I am from Cali-Colombia, lived in NY/NJ for 20 years before moving to Iowa during the middle of the pandemic. I am a Zumba instructor and I love dancing. If you want to learn/practice salsa or any latin Rhythm I’d love to join you. I’m a dog lover but I don’t have one because I love traveling more than dogs, it really breaks my heart to leave them alone, so I’ll be happy to pet sit if you’re ever in need.

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