Faith Steele

Librarian, Region 1

Classes I Teach

Event Title Summary
Advancing Rural Health: Utilizing State Rural Offices and Plans to Create Healthier Communities This webinar will discuss the National Organization of State Offices of Rural Health and the process of two states, Pennsylvania and Virginia, that recently developed or updated their state rural health plans.
Bridging the Digital Divide: Telehealth's Double-edged Sword In order to achieve more equitable telehealth, leaders in health care and communities must address a person's: (1) digital fluency, the ability to use digital tools efficiently and effectively, and (2) the capacity for health advocacy or a person's ability to advocate for their own health needs. Community leaders have the capacity to work towards solving these divides.
Building Recovery Ecosystems for Substance Use Treatment This webinar will discuss building recover ecosystems for the Appalachian Region based on a recent research study conducted by the Appalachian Regional Commission.
Exploring the Maternal Experience Survey: Addressing Racism and Informing New Models of Maternal Care to Promote Health Equity This webinar discusses the Maternal Experience Survey and the Black maternal health crisis.
Health Literacy On Demand Learn about health literacy definitions, best practices and tools for communicating health information clearly in in this 1-hour narrated tutorial with activities.
NNLM Book Discussion, May 1-Jul 31: High Risk: A Doctor's Notes on Pregnancy, Birth, and the Unexpected Join us for our first quarter NNLM Book Discussion of the year. From May 1 until July 31, join your fellow librarians and read High Risk: A Doctor's Notes on Pregnancy, Birth and the Unexpected by Chavi Eve Karkowsky, MD
PATIENTS Program Part 2: Continuous Engagement after the PATIENTS Professors Academy: Methods and Pathways This is a two part series, part two will discuss the PATIENTS Program at the University of Maryland, Baltimore and continuous and sustainable engagement after project completion.
PATIENTS Program, Part 1: The PATIENTS 10-Step Framework as a Community Engagement Tool This webinar will discuss the PATIENTS Program at the University of Maryland, Baltimore and the 10 Step Framework to engage in community-academic partnerships.
Region 1: NNLM Day at MLA 2023 Meet the NNLM Region 1 during NNLM Day at MLA 2023!
Region One Insights. Climate Change, Health and Equity Among Minority and Vulnerable Populations The environment plays a major role in our health and well-being. Health disparities exist when communities are exposed to the effects of climate change and environmental hazards and experience socioeconomic inequities. These factors increase the risk of illness and disease. Historically marginalized communities are impacted by these disparities at far greater rates than other communities. Therefore, public health approaches to address climate, health, and equity are warranted.

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