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    The NNLM Data Repository Finder was created with the assistance of: Nicole Contaxis, Kelsey Badger, Lena Bohman, Jake Carlson, Michael Craven, Levi Dolan, Jen Ferguson, Brian Han, Sherry Lake, Seonyoung Kim, Daria Orlowska, Lauren Phegley, Collin Schwantes, Lesley Skalla, Joanna Thielen, Ummea Urmi, Drew N. Wright, Michelle Yee, and Ho Jung Yoo.

    The software that supports the NNLM Data Repository Finder uses software created by Cornell University: Cornell University Research Data Management Service Group and Cornell Information Technologies Custom Development Group (2018). Finder Module. Drupal 8/9. GitHub - CU-CommunityApps/CD-finder: Drupal Module for finding services which fit a user's criteria