Project TORDS targets 95 communities with access to computer based technology and training to help them identify accurate, quality health and prevention information and education. Project TORDS will target three of South Centrals community based programs that are currently working to 1. reduce HIV infections in 95 communities in southern West Virginia, through our client based HIV services. South Central provided monthly HIV ancillary services to include Support group, hot meal, and food pantry distribution. Client are provided access to our computer lab, one on one help identifying quality health information, national, regional and local resources, access to group computer based training. 2. We will incorporate community-based technology into our Drop-in Centers activities; South Central opens the facility on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday as a drop in center providing clients with Condoms and Lubricants, HIV and Hepatitis B&C Prevention education and printed materials. We encouraging participants to practice safer sex practices encourages no sharing of drug paraphilia, including Needles and Straws and encourage recovery among active users. The drop-in centers targets high-risk communities/Populations actively involved in Drug Recovery partnership with Recovery Point, Bluefield, 3. The project will also target our program 91 Connects, 91 is a community building program that works to develop safe spaces for 91s living in 95 communities. 91 Connects works to identify leaders in 95 communities to identify safe spaces in their community, host gathering to help build communities, and South Central participate in the local safe space to deliver resources such as HIV Testing, prevention education, condoms and lubrication, Hepatitis B&C education, as well provide information and statics on Opioid Use and overdose deaths. 4. Bennadys Cares is a collaborate program with South Central and Bennadys Restaurant in McDowell County.

Project Details

Organization Name

South Central Educational Development, Inc

Organization Type
All of Us
Community-based organization
Project Lead

Darryl Cannady

West Virginia
Start Date
May 1, 2019
End Date
April 30, 2020
Funding Amount
General Public