LCS and VCU Libraries will collaborate to empower CHWs and other community leaders with resources and information from the National Library of Medicine NLM and other curated resources specific to Hispanic health concerns. CHEC has been providing high-quality health information to patients, their families, and the general Richmond community since 2002. CHEC is a library for patients, their family members, and the community where visitors can find reliable consumer-level health information. In addition, CHEC also conducts health literacy workshops in the community. Most recently, CHEC developed and conducted a series of health literacy workshops and plans to partner with LCS to conduct similar consumer health educational workshops designed to provide emphasis on the needs specific to Richmonds Hispanic community. Working with LCS, CHEC will conduct training workshops for CHWs. The training sessions will focus on the importance of finding reliable health information online and the evaluation of online health information. For these workshops an emphasis will be placed on using, specifically the sites Spanish language version, and HealthReach.

Project Details

Organization Name

La Casa De La Salud

Organization Type
All of Us
Community-based organization
Project Lead

Antonio Villa

Start Date
May 1, 2019
End Date
April 30, 2020
Funding Amount
General Public