Body and Soul: Overcoming Barriers to Health and Nutrition

The intention of the Body and Soul programming is to discuss topics that are frequent causes of stress and poor health, and how to manage and approach these topics in a way that acknowledges barriers in the lives of individuals. The targeted audience includes 88 and the elderly. Each portion of the program will feature a qualified speaker to discuss a key topic, and will include instruction by a program facilitator on NNLM MedlinePlus resources that correspond to the presentation. The Body and Soul presentations are expected to take in 4 parts, with presentations broken down in to 2 events in March and 2 events in April. The Body and Soul Program primary goal is to improve the publics access to information on topics that address the health needs of the Johnstown community. In 2019, the Cambria County Health Report indicates 22% of the population are considered in fair or poor health, with 68% of the population considered overweight. In 2015, a stakeholder report from Conemaugh Memorial Hospital in Johnstown, PA used stakeholder discussions to identify health issues in the community. The results of the study identified key health issues in the region including an aging population, chronic stress, and barriers to healthy eating. The objective of the Body and Soul program is to demonstrate to the public that barriers can be addressed and a healthy lifestyle can be achieved. In keeping with the NNLM mission to enable the public to access information to make informed decisions about their health, each presentation will include an overview of MedlinePlus, with concentration on specific areas relevant to the presented topic. Coordination with organizations such Helping Grieving Hearts Heal, YogaSong Yoga Studio and Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center will facilitate the execution of this program, and aligns with additional NNLM goals for community partnerships.

Project Details

Organization Name

Cambria County Library

Organization Type
Public library
Project Lead

Ashley Flynn

Start Date
March 5, 2020
End Date
April 30, 2020
Funding Amount
General Public
Adults (19-64 yrs.)
Seniors (65+ yrs.)