Residents of Coconino County, because it is the second largest county by area in the United States with many 95 populations that lack access to easily attainable medical care, face many challenges regarding health and wellness and resources for information about health and wellness. Some communities are more than 100 miles from a library and/or a health care facility. The Public Health Services District for Coconino County sees significant rates of injury, death from injury, diabetes, communicable diseases, poor oral hygiene, tobacco use, and poor nutrition. More than 26% of 86 in Coconino County and 28% of 86 in Flagstaff, AZ live in poverty. The public library is a hub for the community, especially the underserved, and its partnership with the Public Health Services District, which this population relies on for health services, will have a significant impact toward increasing awareness of health information resources. The goal is to build a trust relationship that will increase residents' comfort level with using the library to access quality, research-based health information resources. Reaching this goal will help achieve the ultimate goal, which is illness and injury prevention.

Project Details

Organization Name

Flagstaff City - Coconino County Public Library

Organization Type
Public library
Project Lead


Start Date
January 2, 2017
End Date
April 30, 2017
Funding Amount
Student, K-12
General Public
Teens (13-18 yrs.)
American Indians
Hispanics/Latin Americans