Graphic Medicine Liaison Program Development

While need for easily accessible entry-points to graphic medicine for all of our stakeholders has long been recognized, work toward the proposed liaison project began in earnest during the 2018 Graphic Medicine Conference held in White River Junction, VT sponsored in part by NNLM NER. Discussing his work as a Cartooning Chaplain, Kurt Shaffert expressed difficulty in engaging the larger chaplain community with graphic medicine and that an elevator pitch of sorts would help. In addition, a place to direct those sold by the pitch to for further relevant information and suggested reading would solidify outreach efforts at events such as conferences. Our project combines this need with the of outreach efforts by the National Library of Medicine Exhibit Program and the NNLM NER Graphic Medicine Initiative to make graphic medicine known and useable by as many people as possible. As a public facing, health sciences community, we want to ensure accuracy of medical information and will therefore link to NLM resources whenever possible and appropriate, including, but not limited to, existing graphic medicine initiatives, MedlinePlus, and PubMed.

Project Details

Organization Name

Graphic Medicine 94 Collective

Organization Type
Project Lead

Matthew Noe

Start Date
May 1, 2020
End Date
April 30, 2021
Funding Amount
Health care Provider
Library or Information Professional