Develop and host a two-day, modular, interprofessional workshop that: a. brings health literacy-invested groups and individuals within the Kansas City community together to learn and share knowledge of health literacy; and b. provides specialized training to targeted CM participants to improve the provision of bedside health information to patients and caregivers with awareness of cultural, language, numeracy and digital inclusion factors. Learning Objectives: 1. Describe how different professionals can contribute to improving health literacy awareness 2. Identify ways of utilizing health literacy tools and resources that foster confidence for participants to become change agents in their areas of work or volunteer activity 3. Create opportunities for learning, networking, and sharing among members of KC community organizations invested or interested in health literacy 4. Strategize how to meet patient and caregivers' health information needs while remaining sensitive and responsive to various levels of literacy, cultural, and digital access differences 5. Leverage the workshop content to further develop health literacy organizational initiatives and projects both within CM and in collaboration with external partners Learning Outcomes: 1. Increased awareness of the importance of health literacy and its various impacting factors 2. Stimulated determination to address health literacy challenges within CM and Kansas City 3. Improved collaboration among health care, literacy and librarian professions throughout Kansas City. 4. Implementation of health literacy projects/initiatives that can be piloted to improve health-related communication and education within CM and/or in partnership with external agencies 5. Increase knowledge of open-access health literacy tools/resources, including family- and child-friendly information.

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Project Lead


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December 15, 2017
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April 30, 2018
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Library or Information Professional
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Health care Provider