HPV Education: a varied approach

Team Maureen has been educating a wide variety of audiences about the connection between HPV and cancer since our inception. Although our primary focus has always been cervical cancer, we have broadened our efforts over recent years to include head and neck cancers, as they are all tied to the HPV virus. Our educational programming has simpler components geared to the lay person or high school student, or can be more medically specific, as would be appropriate for dental professionals. As there is so much work to be done to educate about HPV and it's connection to cancer, no audience should be overlooked. This project aims to both broaden our educational reach within local high schools, as well as to create a platform for wide distribution of dental tool kit materials online.

Project Details

Organization Name

Team Maureen

Organization Type
Community-based organization
Project Lead


Start Date
January 1, 2017
End Date
April 30, 2017
Funding Amount
Student, College & Post-grad
Student, K-12
Educator, College & Post-grad
General Public
Health care Provider
Teens (13-18 yrs.)