Iowa Public Health Research Center IPHRC at Allen College

Allen College, UnityPoint Health is a regionally-accredited, private, nonprofit institution of higher education located in Waterloo, Iowa. Built on a tradition of more than 90 years of excellence, Allen currently serves 625 students in seven health programsnursing, public health, radiography, sonography, medical laboratory science, medical imaging, and occupational therapyranging from associates to doctorates. Allen Colleges Barrett Library provides access to over 33,000 library materials, including 47 databases, 3,200 online journals, 3,100 streaming videos, and over 12,000 physical texts. As a premier repository of biomedical and health information, Barrett Library seeks to link local health professionals, especially those in underserved areas, to these resources. Through the Iowa Public Health Research Center IPHRC at Allen College, Barrett Library will provide 25 counties in Northeast Iowa with no-cost equal access to library materials. As of right now, county health departments and government funded non-profits that provide public health services have limited access to peer-reviewed journals and are often unfamiliar with NNLM resources, which constitute the primary source of evidence-based practices needed to solve community health problems. Allen Colleges IPHRC project librarian will be available throughout the grant period to respond to item requests; locate, assess, and share resources; answer questions; produce literature reviews; and collaborate with healthcare providers to find the best solutions for their needs. In order to ensure that everyone involved knows how to best navigate federal health information resources, programming will include training sessions for interested participants and train-the-trainer initiatives for library staff. Expanding programming is another primary aim. Within the first year, Barrett Library hopes to add additional counties, based on capacity. Grant participants will be able to visit the library in person during regular operating hours or submit an e-mail request through the IPHRC web page twenty-four hours a day. During the workweek, all requests will receive an initial response within one business day; and all correspondence will be completed within 3 business days. Requests submitted after 4 pm on Friday, over the weekend, or during holiday closures will receive a response by 5 pm the following business day.

Project Details

Organization Name

Allen College UnityPoint Health

Organization Type
Academic institution
Community college
Health sciences library
Project Lead

Jared Seliger

Start Date
May 1, 2018
End Date
April 30, 2019
Funding Amount
General Public
Health care Provider
Library or Information Professional