Library Project 288 Promoting Library Resources to Encourage Health Literacy Advancements within the Appalachian Community

The Health Information Center HIC is looking to increase interdepartmental partnership within the hospital community as well as promote access to library services. This project will further NNLMs mission of improving access to health information for the Eastern Tennessee community by promoting the librarys health information service as well as using NNLM materials to teach them how to find reliable, accurate, and authoritative health information. In addition, this project will strengthen and promote the librarys involvement with our organization. For this project, the HIC reached out to different hospital departments to gauge their interest in hosting pop-ups in which the library would come to the departments with books, preprinted health information, and information on library services. Among these services is a free health information service in which the HIC finds health information. The goal of this project would be to engage patients, family members, and the community at these pop-ups by informing them about the HICs services and resources and teaching them about various NNLM products in which they can do their own research using reliable, accurate, and authoritative resources. This would lead to a greater collaboration within the hospital departments since the HIC would be going out into the hospital to work with patients, family members, and the community on finding health information. In addition, the HIC hopes to extend outreach with the local Farmers Market and further develop a partnership with outside organizations.

Project Details

Organization Name

University of Tennessee Graduate School of Medicine

Organization Type
Academic institution
All of Us
Project Lead

Kelsey Grabeel

Start Date
May 1, 2019
End Date
April 30, 2020
Funding Amount
General Public