Library Project 326 Duke Digital Health Device Library

Mobile devices are changing the landscape of healthcare and research by empowering patients and extending the reach of clinicians. 77% of US 88 own a smartphone, enabling broad access to mobile devices across diverse socioeconomic and geographic populations. However, many new devices are on the market with little or no clinical validation, or the data they provide make them inappropriate for some applications or populations. Selecting the right device can enable collection of high-quality data, but requires hands-on exploration and piloting. The wrong device can introduce errors and contribute to waste, particularly because the cost of these devices is often prohibitive. The proposed device library can serve an important role in facilitating digital health care and research at Duke. The Digital Health Device library will create a collection of digital devices that can be used in research and pilot projects across Duke University and Health System. This Device Library will enable 133s, clinicians, students and consumers to explore the capabilities of digital health devices to inform their research project design, and/or purchasing decisions for their own needs. Providing an opportunity to test these devices reduces the barriers to entry and may spark ideas which can result in new grant funding and improved medical care. The Duke Mobile App Gateway MAG is composed of faculty and staff from across the institution with expertise in mobile and digital technology use for research and clinical care. The Medical Center Library provides a centralized location open to all Duke faculty, staff, students, and patients during regular business hours. The Library provides circulation of other materials and is used for in-person research training and consultation by various groups from across the institution. The Library brings experience in managing IT devices and in evaluating mobile applications and devices with an eye towards both usability and privacy.

Project Details

Organization Name

Duke University

Organization Type
Academic institution
Project Lead

Russell Koonts

North Carolina
Start Date
May 1, 2019
End Date
April 30, 2020
Funding Amount
Health care Provider
Student, College & Post-grad