The Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine PCOM Student-Run Clinic SRC prides itself on being more than a pop-up clinic for the medically-underserved of Philadelphia. As osteopathic student physicians, SRC leaders identified outreach to address barriers preventing Philadelphians from seeking medical attention. Transportation to primary care is a well-documented socioeconomic barrier for Medicaid patients and rideshare services offer greater convenience and lower cost, Chaiyachati et al. 2018. In conjunction with ridesharing, patient education services using NLM resources will be offered at four touch points; monthly workshops, SRC patient encounters, follow-up wellness visits at PCOMs Family Clinic and making NLM resources available onsite at Methodist services 24/7 via the Parenting Collaborative 12 The SRC has three localities at emergency housing or shelter settings, in various zip codes throughout Philadelphia. The Clinics student leaders plan to open the Methodist Services campus as a fourth healthcare location to offer clinical and educational services. Our partner, Methodist Services, is an organization in West Philadelphia that provides housing and wellness services to local 86, 92 and families. This new partnership is scheduled to commence on December 1st, 2019. Our objective at Methodist Services is trifold; the SRC serves to provide immediate and accessible care, to educate our patients, and to empower these underserved populations to establish and maintain a relationship with the healthcare system that may otherwise be inaccessible. Patient education will be integrated into SRC-led clinic patient encounters, monthly health information workshops and follow-up visits at PCOM Family Medicine to ensure quality distribution of health information resources. Additionally, the implementation of a rideshare service will mitigate the transit barrier which is a social determinant of health that our patients face. This initiative integrates nicely with NLMs 2027 Strategic Plan. First, offering ridesharing to vulnerable populations engages more people in new ways of delivering reliable health information. Second, if the model proves worthwhile, it could possibly be replicated at PCOMs other SRC that serve Phillys medically underserved populations.

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Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine Library, Philadelphia Campus

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Academic institution
Health sciences library
Project Lead

PJ Grier

Start Date
December 2, 2019
End Date
April 30, 2020
Funding Amount
Educator, College & Post-grad
Health care Provider
Library or Information Professional
Public Health Professional
Student, College & Post-grad
Children (0-12 yrs.)
Medically Underserved Areas/Populations
Behavioral/Social Determinants of Health