The NEO will support evaluation activities related to the three NNLM cores. In addition, the NEO will collaborate with the RMLs to build evaluation skill and capacity among Network members. The specific aims of the NEO are the following: 1. Support the National Network Steering Committee's ability to make data-driven decisions about the direction of the NNLM program. 2. Collaborate with RML staff members to enhance their use of evaluation for their own programs and promote evaluation among Network members. 3. Provide an evaluation training program for RML staff and NNLM network members. 4. Increase the visibility of NNLM's program successes and effective outreach practices. 5. Create a publicly accessible online repository of tools, resources and examples of effective evaluation practices to encourage evaluation use within the NNLM. To support the NNSC Aim 1, NEO will facilitate the NNSC in identifying process and outcome objectives for the NNLM, design evaluation methods for tracking progress and outcomes, and guide the committee in decision-making. The NEO will assist the committee in developing a cohesive National Network evaluation process that will involve all regions. To support the RMLs Aim 2, the NEO will provide training and individualized consultation to RML staffs to encourage assessment of their own core programs and development of the evaluation capacity of their Network members. To efficiently support Network members Aim 3, the NEO will collaborate with the RMLs and the National Training Office NTO to provide continuing education opportunities targeting evaluation skill development and use. To increase visibility of NNLM's success Aim 4 the NEO will lead an NNLM Success Story Initiative to showcase well-documented examples of successful programs. To support all users Aim 5, the NEO will develop a repository of planning and evaluation resources, including tip sheets, templates, and sample evaluation methods.

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University of Washington - Health Sciences Library

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Academic institution
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Health sciences library
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May 1, 2016
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April 30, 2021
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Library or Information Professional