As part of the 'Healthy Community' movement in Newtown, and as an agent of community cooperation and collaboration, the C.H. Booth proposes All of Us Newtown, a program of outreach involving public education about the Research Program and health information literacy using resources available from the NIH. The primary goal of this project is to assist in the delivery of improved health information to residents, focusing primarily on 92, youth, and 89 and their caregivers. Funding will enable a health information center to be located primarily in the C.H. Booth Library and which can be also be deployed at programs in and around the community.

Project Details

Organization Name

Cyrenius H. Booth Library

Organization Type
All of Us
Public library
Project Lead

Douglas Lord

Start Date
October 1, 2018
End Date
April 30, 2019
Funding Amount
General Public
Adults (19-64 yrs.)
Children (0-12 yrs.)
Seniors (65+ yrs.)
Teens (13-18 yrs.)
Medically Underserved Areas/Populations
Behavioral/Social Determinants of Health