This project will create a consumer health resources course with nursing continuing education credit paired with an online guide to train nursing and patient 12s to find, evaluate, and use reliable consumer health and genetics resources. The course and online guide will be piloted at the local hospitals including the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences UAMS during the first half of the award period, allowing for updates and revisions. Then the course will be taught to nurse and patient 12s in hospitals and clinics throughout the state. The course on consumer health resources will be targeted at nursing and patient 12s in a Train the Trainer model. We will also be introducing basic genetics information sites which will lay the groundwork for the combined National Institutes of Health NIH and National Library of Medicine NLM research project. This will bring NLM and other reliable consumer health resources to the attention of patient and nurse 12s that can then be passed directly on to patients. Taking the consumer health resources course to different parts of the state to work with nurse and patient 12s will have the benefit of bringing consumer health resources to the hospitals and clinics where 12s can distribute the information to many patients.

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Organization Name

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences - Library

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Academic institution
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Health sciences library
Project Lead

Alice Jaggers

Start Date
May 1, 2018
End Date
April 30, 2019
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Health care Provider
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