Preventing Preventable Death: Using Libraries to Promote Bleeding Control Education Initiatives

The leading cause of death for Americans under the age of 46 is trauma a disabling or life-threatening physical injury that results from an event such as a motor vehicle crash, gun violence, or a fall . The City of Nashua and partners look to promote 1 awareness of this phenomenon and reduce the likelihood of death or permanent injury due to trauma through conducting 'Stop the Bleed' initiatives in our libraries. The 'Stop the Bleed' campaign was developed by a multidisciplinary workgroup including the National Security Council Staff, The White House, and the US Department of Health and Human Services. Stop the Bleed Focuses on building national resilience by preparing the public to save lives by raising awareness of basic actions to stop life-threatening bleeding following everyday emergencies and man-made and natural disasters. Using the networks, facilities, and expertise of the Nashua Public Library and academic libraries we hope to create a sustainable project that will enable responders and health officials to include bleeding control education in their health information outreach.

Project Details

Organization Name

City of Nashua Office of Emergency Management

Organization Type
Federal government agency
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New Hampshire
Start Date
May 1, 2017
End Date
April 30, 2018
Funding Amount
Student, College & Post-grad
Educator, College & Post-grad
Emergency Preparedness and Response
General Public
Health care Provider
Library or Information Professional
Public Health Professional
Seniors (65+ yrs.)