The 'Quality Service' training offered by the Disney Institute will help me better understand the needs of the patients and families/caregivers I serve by putting the right guidelines and service standards into place. I will gain insight into how better to reach and relate with the population I serve as the Consumer Health Librarian for Orlando Health. After experiencing and learning in this customer service based training, I will leave with tools and ways in which to connect and share valuable health related information. I am currently conducting patient outreach through the UF Health Cancer Center and its satellite facilities meeting one-on-one with patients and their families/caregivers sharing best practices for patient and family/caregiver health research. Before this group can trust me to serve as a guide and instructor for better health literacy, especially online, there must be a relationship formed through excellent customer service. I hope to take the personality and skills I presently have to a new level after successfully completing this training. My role consists of meeting and interacting all throughout the day with people I have just met. It is critical that I make an instant connection in order to achieve success for not only myself but them through stronger patient health literacy in the end.

Project Details

Organization Name

Clifford E. Graese Community Health Library of Orlando

Organization Type
Medical Office/Clinic
Project Lead


Start Date
May 1, 2017
End Date
April 30, 2018
Funding Amount
Library or Information Professional