Professional Development: PNC/MLA Symposium 2018 Support, Barnett

This is the annual conference of the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Medical Library Association. The keynote panel is ''Health Data in Research.' The CE courses are 'Advanced PubMed Techniques', 'Searching Effectively and Efficiently', 'Emerging Technologies for the Busy Librarian' and 'Statistics 101.' I am scheduled to give a lightening talk at this conference. I originally proposed a poster presentation but I offered to change to a lightning talk when I heard the conference organizers needed one more for the schedule. My institution is an NNLM member library and a nonprofit college. A specific goal of my institution is to provide library and information literacy instruction services for students and faculty in the Bachelor of Science in Midwifery program. I run the library and am a solo librarian. The conference will help my institution meet this goal by increasing my knowledge so that I can provide better instruction, provide better research assistance, improve health information delivery and access, and advocate more effectively for the library. The CE courses 'Advanced PubMed Techniques' and 'Searching Effectively & Efficiently' will be especially helpful in meeting this goal, as I teach classes on Information Literacy and provide research and reference assistance to students and faculty. The CE course 'Emerging Technologies for the Busy Librarian' will help with this goal by familiarizing me with technologies that support various aspects of running a library.

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Portland Public Library

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October 14, 2018
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October 16, 2018
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