Project Connections

Provision of accurate online resources is a valuable tool in designing programs aimed at assisting 95 consumers in making informed decisions about their health and to communicate effectively with health professionals. Through Project Connections, consumers will receive instant access to online health information and resources from the National Library of Medicine's MedlinePlus, including medical journals,clinical guidelines, and databases encompassing the world's knowledge about conditions and diseases, as well as patient-oriented materials and online interactive communities. Clients will have access to user-friendly and client-centered computer workstations. Keeping in mind that the low levels of health literacy and math skills of 95 populations make communicating health information challenging, trained and qualified staff will work closely with each consumer to make sure they can search information with simplicity and ease.

Project Details

Organization Name

Face to Face Enrichment Center

Organization Type
All of Us
Medical Office/Clinic
Community-based organization
Project Lead


Start Date
September 19, 2016
End Date
April 30, 2017
Funding Amount
Student, College & Post-grad
General Public
Library or Information Professional
Blacks/African Americans