The Research Data Management Best Practice Implementation project supports the National Network of Libraries of Medicine NNLM goal of building 'capacity in data management practices, services and tools to support FAIR data guiding principles 1'. This program will increase graduate student knowledge of data management best practices, promote student understanding of how data management integrates into their research work, and determine if these practices are adopted long term. This pilot uses a flipped classroom model to present the students with appropriate practices in an eight-week intensive program. In a flipped classroom, the students are expected to engage with the instructional content outside the classroom, while using the in-person classroom time to engage in activities that demonstrate competency and understanding of the content. In this program, the classroom time is used to systematically develop and holistically integrate these practices in to their research projects. The topics include discovering disciplinary standards, creating a project map, developing folder structures and file naming conventions that reflect the project workflow, and devising strategies for sustaining these practices as their projects evolve. The UIC Library has a history of sustained support for research data management through both instruction and personalized consultation. However, there is little research that demonstrates the long-term adoption of data management best practices after receiving instruction or personalized support. This pilot project is unique in that it addresses both education about data management practices and the integration of best practices into the research workflow in a personalized manner.

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University of Illinois at Chicago - Library of the Health Sciences

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Academic institution
Health sciences library
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Start Date
June 19, 2018
End Date
April 30, 2019
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Student, College & Post-grad