The RESILIENT Workshops REady Steady In the Library: taking Initiative before an Emergency, Natural disaster, or Trauma present a curriculum of self-paced learning and online workshops curated from existing federal and state materials that will support and empower library staff and improve library resiliency in the preparation, response, and recovery phases of an emergency or disaster in their libraries or communities. The immediate outcomes of this project will be: 1 that library staff will learn or improve their knowledge and skills for self-care and communication and will be able to identify and share the freely available resources on health, mental health, and disaster planning resources from NLM and other federal and state agencies; and 2 that library directors / operations managers will develop plans for two types of emergencies and disasters in their libraries and communities and will develop a communication plan for emergencies and disasters. The project will be led by Southeastern New York Library Resources Council Southeastern, a non-profit library consortium located sixty miles north of New York City that has served libraries, library systems, and institutions with library or archival holdings across an eight-county area for more than fifty years. We anticipate this project will directly impact 200 people. However, participants increase in knowledge and skills will have an exponentially positive impact on the communities of participating libraries before, during, and after emergencies or disasters.

Project Details

Organization Name

Southeastern New York Library Resources Council SENYLRC

Organization Type
Project Lead

Sarah Holsted

New York
Start Date
June 1, 2020
End Date
April 30, 2021
Funding Amount
Library or Information Professional
Adults (19-64 yrs.)
Adults (19-64 yrs.)
Seniors (65+ yrs.)
Blacks/African Americans
Asians/Asian Americans
Hispanics/Latin Americans