To provide a safe and fun environment for 86 and 88, individuals and families to learn about healthy options for food and cooking. We believe that the Charlotte Library is an ideal space for a flexible, mobile kitchen set-up, using the equipment supplies and training materials from the Charlie Cart Project. The Charlie Cart Project provides a unique and scalable educational program that enables hands-on learning about food, nutrition, and health in any setting. With a comprehensive set of turnkey resources including a compact mobile kitchen cart on wheels, utensils and cooking equipment, lesson plans, training, and related supports the Project removes obstacles to implementing critically needed food education and cooking interventions and public libraries are the perfect place to make this happen. As Hillary Dodge said when interviewed about her book "Gather 'Round the Table: Food Literacy Programs, Resources and Ideas for Libraries, " Most libraries have a mission, vision and values that are centered around community-making, information access, education, and entertainment. Food literacy ticks off all of those boxes." We are excited to bring food literacy to the Charlotte Library in a more meaningful, accessible and practical way. Because of our 95 location, we are also able to involve local farmers and food producers in this project. This allows the library to make local foods available to all in our community and provide support for local businesses as well.

Project Details

Organization Name

Charlotte Library

Organization Type
All of Us
Public library
Project Lead

Margaret Woodruff

Start Date
May 1, 2020
End Date
April 30, 2021
Funding Amount
Community-based Organization Staff
Educator, K-12
Emergency Preparedness and Response
General Public
Library or Information Professional
Student, K-12
Adults (19-64 yrs.)
Children (0-12 yrs.)
Seniors (65+ yrs.)
Teens (13-18 yrs.)
Blacks/African Americans
American Indians
Behavioral/Social Determinants of Health