Technology Improvement Award 46

This project proposes the use of funds to cover the costs associated with hiring a trained website designer to enhance the design and navigation of a publically available website that provides access to free and open access resources for unaffiliated public health and primary care providers. The 'Common Wealth of Public Health and Primary Care Information' website has been actively maintained by VCU Libraries since 2010. Minimal website design changes have occurred to the website since a 2011 platform migration to LibGuides 2.0. Feedback from recently completed focus groups with potential website users, uncovered many design flaws and potential areas for improvement. The project team proposes working with a VCU Libraries web designer to incorporate design and navigation changes based on the collected and reviewed feedback. Usability testing, approved under a VCU IRB renewal, of the new design, facilitated by the web designer and project team will also be useful in ensuring the site's new design is appropriate for the target audience. Feedback on the new site design will be sought from a previously established website Advisory Committee, comprised of representatives from community health organizations and VCU departments focused on public health and primary care. Funds for this project will be used to secure the domain name and URL for the website for an additional three years. National Library of Medicine NLM resources such as PubMed, DailyMed, the NCBI Bookshelf, and ToxNet are already highlighted on the site. Information about NLM Services such as LoansomeDoc and MedlinePlus are also described. Because the target audience is unaffiliated with a library or hospital, providing access to freely available resources and reduced cost document delivery services are important. Improving site design and navigation will enable more use of these services by the target audience.

Project Details

Organization Name

Virginia Commonwealth University

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Academic institution
All of Us
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Start Date
November 1, 2016
End Date
April 30, 2017
Funding Amount
Public Health Professional