For 17 years P. I. Advocates 94, Inc. PIA has forged meaningful partnerships with community and faith organizations as a 'mobile' training program. PIA has perfected a 2.5hr hands-on computer workshop designed specifically for disproportionately served neighborhoods. Being 'mobile' has allowed PIA to train community members where they live and/or work. We need to updated our training equipment for the three outreach teams operating in the Washington Metropolitan Area. Our work load is increasing and will continue to increase, but working with poorly functioning equipment is greatly slowing our progress. We are constantly encountering people with low health literacy and low computer literacy. This misfortune has very tangible associated costs, including poor disease management, increased percentage of repeat hospital visits, and incorrect medication use. We have steadfastly taught participants how to find reliable web based health information resources and simultaneously taught them skills in access online health information using laptop computers. By presenting our program as mobile computer workstations we have consistently patronized many locations in DC. We have found that many people in low income and economically disadvantaged neighborhoods struggles with basic literacy, health literacy, and computer literacy. For these underserved citizens learning health-related tasks, such as finding and sharing easy-to-read health information is a plus. In addition, we wish to continue providing and increasing our workshops by upgrading our training equipment, e.g. laptop computers and wireless LCD projectors. Our hands-on classes will eliminate the disconnect between information providers and information seekers.

Project Details

Organization Name

P. I. Advocates 94

Organization Type
All of Us
Community-based organization
HIV services
Project Lead


District of Columbia
Start Date
May 1, 2017
End Date
April 30, 2018
Funding Amount
General Public
Seniors (65+ yrs.)
Blacks/African Americans