Updating Website listing Resources for At-Risk Pregnant 92 in Dallas County

The Center for Addiction and Recovery Studies CARS developed a website using a DSHS grant in 2011 to list resources for pregnant 92 in Dallas County www.dallashealthybabies.com. This website is in need of updates and a more engaging / entertaining presentation. It also needs more links to evidenced based healthcare information as found on the National Library of Medicine's databases. The website provides links to various local resources that can be helpful for pregnant 92 in Dallas County. CARS will use an advanced graduate Community and Administrative Practice CAP social work intern to research current community resources to update this information on the website. In the final months of the project, another CAP student will then help evaluate the upgrades to the website, documenting improvements made and changes in website traffic. This grant will pay for 3 art students under the guidance of 2 Fine Arts professors to work on inputting the updated information and links on the website with an engaging format that will be user-friendly and welcoming to the user. The website is intended to give users in Dallas County or surrounding areas accurate information on pregnancy, fetal development, medical co-occurring disorders, mental health / substance use disorders, where to go for help, how to apply for Medicaid and how to get prenatal care. This website it designed to provide resources and help to all pregnant 92 in Dallas County, but especially those who have risk factors.

Project Details

Organization Name

Center for Addiction and Recovery Studies

Organization Type
Academic institution
Project Lead

Sherry Bobo

Start Date
May 1, 2018
End Date
April 30, 2019
Funding Amount
Student, College & Post-grad
General Public
Health care Provider
Public Health Professional