"In our proposed project, Philadelphia FIGHT Community Health Centers will design a six-week program called Upgrade Your Health!, addressing digital health literacy disparities by leveraging online and mobile technology. This course supports learners in managing their health beyond the clinician's office and integrating NLM and NNLM resources into their health management strategies, enabling learners to increase their knowledge and skills around critical health and wellness topics and chronic illnesses common in our patient population. FIGHT's 30-year history of providing accurate, unbiased, and authoritative resources and training on HIV and hepatitis C primes us to support Philadelphia's most impacted communities. Offered at FIGHT's Critical Path Learning Center, a digitally-integrated health education library and literacy center, Upgrade Your Health! Will reach 50 learners by: 1. Developing an engaging curriculum covering fitness and nutrition, diabetes, hypertension, HIV, hepatitis C, and other chronic conditions impacting communities. These topics were identified through focus groups with FIGHT clients. 2. Incorporating digital literacy instruction, including finding reliable online health information such as MedlinePlus, utilizing apps or websites to support healthy living, and using patient portals, across numerous devices. 3. Utilizing a Learning Management System LMS to provide interactive online content accessible outside the classroom. "

Project Details

Organization Name

Critical Path Learning Center, Philadelphia FIGHT

Organization Type
Health sciences library
HIV services
Public health
Project Lead

Alyssa Richman

Start Date
May 15, 2018
End Date
April 30, 2019
Funding Amount
General Public
Library or Information Professional