Collection Equity: UConn Health

The University of Connecticut has made diversity, equity, and inclusion a priority throughout all campuses. The UConn Health Sciences Library shares this deep commitment to DEI. As we look towards our future, we envision the growth of the library, including improved re-organizational goals. DEI is a central component to making the growth and restructuring of our collections happen in order to make positive changes for our library. We will increase representation of historically underrepresented groups. With this grant in mind, we are seeking financial assistance through the Collection Equity Award to grow our collection to better include LGBTQ+ representation. Our plan for the Collection Equity Award is to purchase books for our graphic medicine and human experience collections. In doing so, we will not only signal our commitment to DEI to our patrons, and have a more well-rounded collection; this will declare our commitment to our LGBTQ+ patrons and staff and let them know that they matter. Another way in which we hope to benefit from this award is to help in the development of more well-rounded and open- minded health professionals. The more our students, faculty, and staff understand the LGBTQ+ experience, the more they will empathize with their LGBTQ+ patients. This will lead to better communication and possibly better health outcomes for LGBTQ+ patients.


Project Lead: University of Connecticut - Lyman Maynard Stowe Library
Project Lead: Susan Fowler


Age Group: Adults (19-64 yrs.)
Geographic Type: Suburban
Race & Ethnicity: Asians/Asian Americans, Blacks/African Americans, Hispanics/Latin Americans
Roles of Participants Project is Intended to Serve: Educator - College & Post-grad, Health Professional, Library or Information Professional

Award Details

Funding Source: Region 7
Project Category: Outreach
Period of Performance: Jan 24, 2022 - Apr 30, 2022
Project Status: Completed

Project Funding

Federal Fiscal Year 2021: $2,000