Collection Equity: Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts

As MCLA, Massachusetts’ public liberal arts college, prepares to launch a new Bachelor of Science in Nursing with the first students entering in Fall 2023, our library is presented with the opportunity to build a truly inclusive nursing collection from the ground up. We envision using a Collection Equity Award to purchase books falling into three categories:

  1. nursing resources authored by scholars and practitioners from traditionally marginalized groups;

  2. books specifically addressing the cultural competencies, knowledge, and skills that nurses must bring to a truly inclusive practice; and

  3. books providing first-hand accounts of illness and healthcare utilization by patients from traditionally marginalized and underserved groups.

While the primary use of the Collection Equity Award would be to build an inclusive collection to support the nascent nursing program and help develop culturally fluent practitioners, an additional benefit would be that many titles, especially those in category (3) above, will also appeal directly to the wider campus population, which embodies many dimensions of diversity. The MCLA student community represent 25% students of color, 15% students with a disability, and 54% first generation to college students (Source: DHE HEIRS Fall 2021 Enrollment)


Project Lead: Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts - Freel Library
Project Lead: Emily Alling


Age Group: Adults (19-64 yrs.)
Geographic Type: Medically Underserved Areas/Populations, Rural
Issues & Interests: Behavioral/Social Determinants of Health, HIV/AIDS, Maternal Health
Race & Ethnicity: Alaska Natives, American Indians, Asians/Asian Americans, Blacks/African Americans, Hispanics/Latin Americans, Native Hawaiians, Other Pacific Islanders
Roles of Participants Project is Intended to Serve: Educator - College & Post-grad, General Public, Library or Information Professional, Student - College & Post-grad

Award Details

Funding Source: Region 7
Project Category: Outreach
Period of Performance: Jan 24, 2022 - Apr 30, 2022
Project Status: Completed

Project Funding

Federal Fiscal Year 2021: $2,000