Expanding Claire’s Community

Through partnerships with local libraries, schools, businesses, faith communities and organizations, Claire’s Community (hereafter referred to as CC) will improve public health by providing increased health literacy and equal access to abuse prevention information. CC will be a supportive network of mentors trained in abuse prevention who know how to help young people and adults 1)recognizethe red flags in relationships; 2) understand the role that power and control play in abuse; and 3) preventrelationship abuse, trauma, or a tragic ending. CC curriculum and delivery model of prevention will help create and sustain healthy relationships via support, training, shared vocabulary, and participation from all levels of our community: parents, teachers, youth leaders, coaches, businesses, and organizations. CC will expand the health literacy of all. This mentoring model of delivery will have multigenerational effects. Children will learn about healthy versusunhealthy relationships, including setting personal boundaries, bullying, and how to be a good friend, through age-appropriate topics and language. Adults will gain the tools they need to be effective mentors and to provide fact-based information from our curriculum, which includes resources from MedlinePlus,ClinicalTrials.gov and PubMed.All generations will gain tools to recognize and disrupt victim-blaming and abusive behaviors. CC training lowers barriers to health literacy by meeting community members where they are, whether through in-person training at a library or other community venues, via Zoom, or via online educational resources on the CC website.


Lead Organization: #BeMoreLikeClaire
Project Lead: #BeMoreLikeClaire
Project Lead: Cecilie McKenzie


Race & Ethnicity: American Indians
Roles of Participants Project is Intended to Serve: Educator - College & Post-grad, Educator - K-12, General Public

Award Details

Funding Source: Region 3
Project Category: Outreach
Period of Performance: Oct 3, 2022 - Apr 30, 2023
Project Status: Awarded

Project Funding

Federal Fiscal Year 2022: $25,000