Healthy Living Outreach in Comanche County

The Lawton Public Library seeks to connect the community to quality health information through a series of interactive and educational outreach programs. These programs aim to reach the county’s diverse population along with other underrepresented groups, such as SNAP recipients and low-income households. Lawton Public Library requests funding to purchase equipment, including a portable demonstration kitchen with nutrition curriculum along with a portable group sport activity to incorporate with healthy living information. This equipment will allow the library to demonstrate cooking healthy meals and provide an activity that promotes physical fitness. Community members will also be exposed to quality health information by promoting MedlinePlus with a staff created resource guide that will be used in library displays and at outreach events.  




Award Details

Period of Performance: Jun 1, 2023 - Apr 30, 2024
Project Status: Awarded

Project Funding

Federal Fiscal Year 2023: $25,000