Ohio Menstrual Health Equity Project

The Ohio Menstrual Health and Period Poverty Information Project is a communitybased project to improve access to menstrual health products and reliable information. It is targeted specifically to youth ages 12+ and adults who menstruate and those who care for them. When people understand menstrual health, they are prepared to advocate for their own care and those they care for recognizing troubling conditions, leading to earlier treatment and better outcomes.


Lead Organization: Aunt Flow
Project Lead: Sarah Howard


Age Group: Teens (13-18 yrs.), Adults (19-64 yrs.), Seniors (65+ yrs.)
Sexual & Gender Minorities: LGBTQIA+, Women
Geographic Type: Medically Underserved Areas/Populations, Rural
Issues & Interests: Access to Care, Behavioral/Social Determinants of Health, Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Populations
Roles of Participants Project is Intended to Serve: General Public

Award Details

Funding Source: Region 6
Project Category: Outreach
Period of Performance: Oct 1, 2023 - Apr 30, 2024
Project Status: In Progress

Project Funding