Grant Reporting

NNLM Data Reporting System

NNLM Subawardees can use the video tutorials and templates on this page to learn about the NNLM Data Reporting System (DRS), including how to locate their Project, add reports, and upload participant data to their subaward activities. If you have questions about your NNLM funded Project or reporting requirements, please contact your Regional Medical Library (RML) for assistance.

Steps for submitting Grant Activity Reports

Video Guide

Text Guide

  1. Log into your NNLM account at by clicking on the green login button in the top right

  2. After you’ve logged in, to get to the activity reports, click on Update my Profile in the top right

  3. On the subsequent page, scroll down to the Organization Grants section, and click on the project title of the correct grant. There may be more than one of them if your organization has multiple grants or if you are a staff member of multiple organizations with grants

  4. This page will have the basic information about your grant as well as a link to Submit an Activity Report on the right hand side.

  5. On the form, your information as the Project Lead will be filled in already. If you are not the project lead and are filling the form in on their behalf, NNLM Staff can adjust this later.

  6. Complete the relevant fields. If you have questions about the questions on the form, consult with the Regional Medical Library that funded your grant. Fields marked with an asterisk are required, and some of the form options may change based on selections you make.

  7. If you collected participant data, there are two options for submitting that data:

    1. You can submit it through the form itself by adding enough rows at the bottom of the form for each type of participant, or

    2. You can upload a CSV file. The CSV file must be formatted correctly in order to be processed. The information for working with CSV files can be found below.

      The following participant data is required for which ever of the above two options you choose:

      1. Number of Participants

      2. Postal Code

      3. Professional Role

  8. You can save the submission as a draft or submit it.

  9. If you save the submission as a draft, all of the required fields are still required.

  10. To access a draft, or to correct a submission if an NNLM Staff member has returned the report to you for edits, you can find links to do so on the grant page: the same page where you found the Submit an Activity Report link.

CSV Upload for Participant Data

Here is an example CSV: participant_data.csv

The CSV upload must have only the following headers:

participant_count, zip_code, professional_role

The accepted roles for the Professional Role field of the CSV are:

  • Data Scientist
  • Educator - College & Post-grad
  • Educator - K-12
  • Emergency Preparedness and First Responder
  • General Public
  • Government Staff - Federal
  • Government Staff - Local & Municipal
  • Government Staff - State
  • Government Staff - Tribal
  • Health Professional
  • Historian
  • Library or Information Professional
  • Library Staff – Community College
  • Library Staff – Health Sciences
  • Library Staff – Public
  • Library Staff – Other
  • Organization Staff - Community Based
  • Organization Staff - Faith Based
  • Public Health Professional
  • Researcher
  • Student - College & Post-grad
  • Student - K-12

Multiple Professional Roles can be added by adding a semicolon between each.

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