Consumer Health Information Specialization for Library Students

Learn how LIS and iSchool instructors? Get your course certified CHIS with NNLM's Consumer Health for Library Students program. Back to Specializations

In partnership with MLA, NNLM is pleased to guide LIS and iSchool instructors through getting their course approved as a consumer health course for students to earn their CHIS certification.

Have you ever wondered how your course can be certified for the Consumer Health for Library Students program? This page will show you how!

How to Get Started

To get started, go to MLA Course Submission Page to submit the MLA CE approval application form to be considered. You can also refer to our guide to help you complete the form. Contact the MLA Professional Development department for questions or assistance.

Additional Information

For more information about the requirements for earning CHIS, please visit MLA's CHIS page to learn more. If you have any questions, please contact Samantha Nunn (NNLM) or Jim Westwood (MLA) for additional information.

What are the Requirements to Have Your Class MLA-Approved as a Consumer Health Course?

Your course must address one or more of the eight core competencies for providing consumer health information services. NNLM and MLA will work with you to ensure that your coursework entails the CHIS competencies listed below.

CHIS Competencies

Required for Level 1

  • C1 - Know the Community
  • C2 - Know the Health Consumer
  • C3 - Knowledge of Subject Matter and Resources
  • C4 - Evaluation of Health Information
  • C5 - Communication, Reference, and Instruction

Required for Level 2, in addition to Level 1 requirements

  • C6 - Literacy and Health Literacy
  • C7 - Technology and Health
  • C8 - Ethical and Legal Issues

What Are the Benefits?

Teaching an MLA-approved consumer health course in your LIS program allows students to gain knowledge in providing health information services to consumers and recognition for the accomplishment of acquiring new health information skills from future employers. These skills are designed for a wide range of librarians, such as:

  • Public librarians
  • Medical librarians
  • Librarians working in the consumer health environment.

Want more benefits? Scroll down to read an interview with Dr. Emily Vardell, Assistant Professor for the School of Library and Information Management program at Emporia State University, about her experience in teaching an MLA-approved course.

Are There Fees Applied?

No! With this partnership, MLA will waive the approved course application fee for professors who are taking part in the program. Additionally, NNLM will cover the CHIS application fee (a $99 value) for level 1 or level 2, including renewals for students who complete the course.

Emily Vardell

Dr. Emily Vardell is a certified CHIS instructor and Assistant Professor for the School of Library and Information Management program at Emporia State University.

An Interview with Dr. Emily Vardell

Below describes Dr. Emily Vardell's experience and accomplishments in teaching her MLA-approved course.

What was your experience going through the process of getting your course approved?

“I worked with Debra Cavanaugh from MLA who helped me go through the process. She sent me the CHIS competencies and I reviewed my syllabus to make sure the elements were there. Luckily, my syllabus was already perfectly aligned with the CHIS competencies. We were able to cover a lot of content in my 12 week-long class and the CHIS competencies perfectly aligned and made sense to teach in a consumer health course. I had to submit my syllabus to Debra for review to make sure everything was aligned with the CHIS competencies and all the other required information was included. It was pretty seamless.”

“It is pretty easy for students to access their CHIS certification once they’ve completed the course. At the end of the semester, I would provide students with step-by-step instructions on how to obtain their certification with the code needed to access it. It was helpful and easy to follow and It’s not a super long process.”

What would you suggest to professors interested in getting their course approved?

“It is really a great benefit to offer to students that already connects them to practice. Often times people say, ‘Library School is so theoretical. I’m not seeing the practical applications.’ CHIS, however, offers that practical application because its certification students can earn before they graduate. It helps them secure that position that gives them the ‘leg-up’ in a job interview setting.”

“CHIS is a great way to attract students to courses that are overlooked or never looked at twice because students would assume, 'Oh, this is a health class, not for me.' Having that extra level of connecting public libraries helps.”

“Make sure to keep MLA updated on what's going on. Send them a list of students, give further communication with the Regional Medical Library. NNLM helps get everything completed and ready to go.”

Student’s Feedback

“When I enrolled in the SLIM program through Emporia, I did not set out to earn the CHIS certification. Having a professor my first semester that was a former medical librarian piqued my interest. My background is in teacher education, and while I taught, I would use my summers and weekends to work in healthcare. As my life evolved to librarianship, I have continued to use my sum experiences to inform my philosophy and mindset. Long ago, I realized that the hope to change lives for the better rested in education. This class affirms my beliefs. I know that I can make differences in the lives of library patrons by sharing what I have learned and by advocating for those individuals whose voices are rarely heard. Thank you NNLM and Dr. Vardell for making this certification possible.”

"This has been my favorite course in my MLA program so far. I gained knowledge of resources I can use in the field, and really appreciate Dr. Vardell arranging for the course to count towards CHIS certification through MLA"

"I just wanted to share something that happened to me today that I was better prepared for because of your classes. I had a patron coming in looking for a book on schizophrenia. She needed more information on the basis of the diagnosis. However; all of our books were more of biographies or of medical advancements in treating it. I was able to direct her to MedlinePlus and show her how to do a basic search in order for her to find the information she was needing. It was the highlight of my day being able to help someone with a medical reference question, and I just wanted to share".

"I just wanted to let you know that I got my level II CHIS certification! Thanks for the great class. :) 

On a personal note, I also wanted to let you know that I was able to use the skills I learned in class to convince my sister to get vaccinated! I will forever be grateful I took this class if for no other reason than that." 

What motivated you to sign up for this class?

“I love working in a public library and would love to continue on that path, but I'm open to other possibilities should opportunities arise. I decided to sign up for this class because I am interested in earning my CHIS and enjoyed the last class I took taught by professor Vardell.”

“I decided to take this class because my current library manager has informed me that there are very few people employed by the county with any consumer health information know how. With this under my belt, and the benefit of the CHIS, I will have a much higher chance of acquiring a better job than the one which I currently hold.”

“I have probably looked at every possible conceivable source for health information from Google to PubMed to National Libraries of Medicine (NLM). I have taken several courses/webinars through NLM and am currently enrolled in a "Wellness in the Library Workplace" course. My goal was to earn my CHIS which is "reason 3" why I am taking this course.”

“I really like being in the public library and I will probably stay in that area, although if the right opportunity in a different library came up I would be up to try it. I am taking this class because I want my CHIS certification. I also know an awesome medical librarian so I using this class to explore the possibilities of medical librarianship.”

Additional feedback from Dr. Emily Vardell

“I am so grateful for the RML’s financial support. It would be a barrier to students if they had to cover the fees. There are more students taking advantage of the certification because of the RML covering the fees.”