Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to actions that mimic human intelligence displayed by machines and to the field of study focused on this type of intelligence. AI consists of computer programs that are typically built to adaptively update and enhance their own performance over time. They are used to process, analyze, and recognize patterns in large datasets, and they use those patterns to get better at completing tasks or solving problems. AI programs are used for a variety of purposes, including recommending new television shows based on viewers’ preferences, guiding self-driving cars through cities, and learning how to defeat players in games like chess. Machine learning is a subset of AI.


AI Experiments with Google provides descriptions and some demos of AI used to perform various tasks based on user input: 

This site is an explanation of how pix2pix helps users turn drawings into realistic photo representations:

Further Resources

Microsoft produced this animated guide to artificial intelligence that defines AI, explains how some AIs work, and provides various examples: 

Darrell West presents a brief history of the the term “artificial intelligence” and covers modern uses of AI: 

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